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 Open File in Solution misbehaving

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
dcastonguay Posted - Feb 12 2024 : 12:41:17 PM

I just update to version 2024.1 (from 2023.5), and now, the Open File in Solution dialog is behaving pretty weirdly. I noticed the new "Use Fuzzy Search" option in the dialog (introduced in 2023.6?), but there are weird behaviors both with and without that option.

With fuzzy search:
* Search for an _exact_ filename match will sometimes highlight another file (e.g. while looking for a file name "entitymanager.cpp", the dialog instead highlighted a file named "entity.cpp"). I tried the same with "object.cpp" and "objectmanager.cpp", but this one worked properly.

Without fuzzy search:
* It looks like adding an extension to a filename breaks the search. While trying to search for "entity.cpp", no results were returned (but there should be 3 exact matches, and possibly a couple more partial matches).

Even in previous versions of Visual Assist, I was never sure _how_ the period (.) was interpreted, because it states that it can also be used to ".beginWith" and "endWith." (which made it very hard to narrow searches based on where we expect the extension to begin, e.g. "entity." to try to match "entity.cpp" and "entity.h", but not "entitymanager.cpp", but anyway).

Is this a regression? Can you look into this?

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feline Posted - May 06 2024 : 11:53:38 AM
This thread should have been updated, this was fixed in VA 2515, while our current release, which was just released, is VA 2520. So if you are still seeing this please update to the latest version.

Of course, if you are still seeing this in the latest version then can you please explain what you are seeing, and under what conditions?
pemessier Posted - May 06 2024 : 11:51:27 AM
Our developers reported the same regression.
feline Posted - Mar 05 2024 : 06:19:43 AM
I completely agree, having to keep on apologising and offering what work arounds I can really isn't good either. This is down as very urgent, but we also want a proper fix, not a partial fix that breaks some other aspect of the OFIS filtering.
jschroedl Posted - Mar 04 2024 : 3:16:38 PM
We need a fix for this ASAP. This is incredibly frustrating.
feline Posted - Feb 23 2024 : 07:43:09 AM
Now that is helpful, many thanks! I will make a note of this and pass it on when other people run into this problem.
dcastonguay Posted - Feb 22 2024 : 4:44:43 PM

For now, if you try placing a space before the dot, so search for:

entity .cpp

instead of


this will help.

If anyone else is reading this thread, I'll mention a workaround that works a little better for me:

Put the dot, a space, then another dot. For example: searching using "entity. .cpp" seems to return the right result for me.
feline Posted - Feb 21 2024 : 06:19:30 AM
I don't currently have an estimate, no, but there are a couple of other bugs that have just come to light that really should be addressed in the next release, so it will probably wait for those fixes as well.

For the improved parsing speed, it partly depends on how big your solution is. In an Unreal Engine 5 solution, with 56,000 files listed in VA's Open File in Solution dialog the improved parsing speed makes a massive difference! If instead you are working in a 30 file solution it really isn't going to help, unless you have a vast pile of libraries.

You can always try installing the new build, and then uninstall it and go back to the previous build if the problems out weigh the benefits.
dcastonguay Posted - Feb 20 2024 : 1:59:37 PM
Do I have a way to know when the next version will be released? I'm trying to figure out if I should install an older version, or if I want to benefit from other fixes in the latest (the "Greatly improved parser performance and reduced initial parse time" one seems interesting to keep...).

feline Posted - Feb 13 2024 : 05:47:45 AM
This is also due to the bug with the dot as part of the full file name.

Testing the previous version, VA 2508, if I type the full file name, with fuzzy search enabled, the correct file is selected by default. I have tried a few different tests to be sure, since the fuzzy search does complicate this slightly.

So this should be working correctly again as soon as we get the fix released.
dcastonguay Posted - Feb 12 2024 : 1:32:14 PM
Thank you for the quick reply!

Using your workaround without fuzzy search seems to work fine.

However, in the case of fuzzy search, as I mentioned, there is an issue (at least in my opinion) when the filename is an exact match: sometimes, the wrong file is highlighted.

Thanks again!
feline Posted - Feb 12 2024 : 12:59:32 PM
Apologies for this, unfortunately while fixing something else in the Open File in Solution dialog we broke using the dot as part of the filename:


so if you turn off fuzzy search, and type in the full file name, you won't get any results. For now, if you try placing a space before the dot, so search for:

entity .cpp

instead of


this will help. Alternatively using fuzzy search will show some results, but sometimes more results than you are looking for.

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