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 VA very slow when creating new class from Unreal

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Panicq Posted - Dec 11 2022 : 06:03:36 AM

I'm new to Visual Assist and I'm wondering why it takes a lot of time to load after creating a new class from Unreal's editor. Indeed, after pressing Reload All in VisualStudio, I'm not getting VA syntax highligting and I have squiggles under Unreal macros for at least 2 to 3 minutes...

Thank you in advance !
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feline Posted - Jan 17 2023 : 10:06:02 AM
Do you make several classes in a short space of time? Or is adding classes something that happens more randomly?

Doing a diff on the solution and project files before and after the add class, the UE project file hasn't been changed, but interestingly the "UE4.vcxproj.filters" file has been changed.

Still, given that there is no change in the UE project file, it should not need to be re-checked by VA. It turns out we are already looking into why VA sometimes parses UE more than it needs to, and it looks like this is one of those situations:

Panicq Posted - Jan 14 2023 : 08:43:58 AM
It's approximatively the same time yes.. Is there any way to speed the class creation process, as this is very very slow and always breaks my flow when prototyping in unreal. (By the way, I installed Unreal, VS2022 and my project on my NVME, and I have 32Go of ram)

Thanks in advance
feline Posted - Jan 12 2023 : 11:24:25 AM
Apologies for the slow reply.

When you first load Visual Studio and open your Unreal Engine solution, do you get a similar delay before VA starts to apply syntax highlighting? I am seeing a similar sized delay on first opening the solution, and when the solution is changed by adding a new class via the Unreal Engine editor, so I am wondering if you see the same pattern.

The delay seems to be the time taken for VA to finish loading the solution symbols, and checking that nothing major needs to be reparsed before applying syntax highlighting. We do need to either load the symbol list, or determine that the project needs a major reparse before we will know what the symbols are before starting to apply syntax highlighting.
Panicq Posted - Jan 09 2023 : 12:56:02 PM
Any update on the topic ?
Panicq Posted - Dec 12 2022 : 10:49:14 AM
I'm using Unreal version 5.0.3. I'm creating a class directly from Unreal's edtior (using the Wizzard Tools > New C++ Class) while Visual (2022) is Opened. After few seconds visual will ask to Reload All, and then I wait for 2-4 minutes to get VA working with this new class.
feline Posted - Dec 12 2022 : 10:44:20 AM
Which version of Unreal Engine are you using?

Do you have Visual Studio open when you open the UE Editor and add the new C++ class? I want to take the same steps here, and run some tests, to see how long loading the solution normally takes, and how the timing compares.
Panicq Posted - Dec 12 2022 : 04:53:35 AM
Yes I do have the Unreal Option turned on and also the long list of Directories. I find it strange that this long loading comes only when adding a new class vs loading the whole solution.
feline Posted - Dec 12 2022 : 04:46:14 AM
VA won't apply its syntax highlighting until it has finished parsing the code, so that it understands what should be given what colour. We like to finish parsing, rather than start colouring part way through parsing, only to have to change the colours we apply as we learn more about your symbols.

Unreal Engine is large, so that could be the only problem here. Do you have Unreal Engine support enabled in:

VA Options -> Game Development

if you do, if you look at:

VA Options -> C/C++ Directories

do you have a LARGE list of directories? Basically all of the Unreal Engine sub-directories should be listed in this list, if VA is picking up your UE project correctly. If they are not being listed then VA's UE support won't be working correctly, which will impact the speed of parsing, since it won't be treating UE as a stable library that doesn't need to be re-scanned all of the time.

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