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 Plugin parsing setting not respected in 2nd VS?

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
evolution Posted - Feb 22 2021 : 7:53:14 PM
Regarding the new "Index plugins" setting of VAX:

I've noticed that although I have this setting disabled (unchecked), when I start a second instance of VS, VAX starts parsing plugins in the second instance. VAX did not parse plugins when I opened the first solution. But if I leave that instance of VS open and launch a second instance with a different UE4 solution, when it refreshes its database after opening the solution, I see it parsing plugins, see plugins in Find Symbol dialog, etc.
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feline Posted - Feb 24 2021 : 08:29:50 AM
Nope, I get the same behaviour, VA is skipping the parsing of plugins quite happily when the engine source code is installed to:

assuming that Alt-G on "FDataprepAllMenuActionCollector" took you to the class declaration, can you place the caret at the top of the file, in a blank line, and check what the full path of the file is, as reported by VA's definition field, normally at the top of the editor window, the right hand field, on the bar where the Alt-M list appears.
feline Posted - Feb 24 2021 : 08:14:07 AM
That screen shot is quite clear, and also unhelpful.

Taking the class that the path matches, if you shows VA's Find Symbol dialog, Alt-Shift-S, and filter on "FDataprepAllMenuActionCollector" what, if anything, does VA show?

When I try this here no symbols are shown, and adding the line:

FDataprepAllMenuActionCollector foo;

to a cpp file, the class name is not shown by VA as a class name, no colour, no italic, Alt-G, Alt-Shift-G and Alt-Shift-F all fail on the class name as well. So VA really is not parsing the plugins for me here.

With the IDE closed, can you please load regedit, look and see what you have:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Whole Tomato\Visual Assist X\VANet16\IndexPlugins

set to? This should be a Binary value, and set to 00

Unless the full path is somehow a factor... testing that now.
evolution Posted - Feb 23 2021 : 12:42:37 PM
Yeah, I had closed all VS instances after disabling that setting, and made sure the devenv.exe processes actually shut down. Then I made sure the setting was still disabled when I reopened those instances. So it's not that, unfortunately.

But there is definitely something weird going on with the plugin parsing setting. I just tried resetting the symbol database for both instances, then shut down both instances (making sure that devenv actually exited, etc.). Then I opened one of the solutions, and VAX parsed the plugins (even though the setting is still disabled). So it seems there is a way for VAX to ignore the setting with just one instance. But I'm not sure how to repro...

(The fact that it's parsing enterprise plugin is not significant - it parsed all plugins, just happened to be parsing that particular one when I took the screenshot.)

feline Posted - Feb 23 2021 : 08:41:30 AM
Strange. So far I cannot reproduce this here.

Do you often work with more than one instance of the IDE open at the same time? VA saves its settings on exit, so if you have two instances open and change a VA setting in one instance, the setting can be overwritten when the second instance is closed.

Can you please look in the VA Options dialog and see if you see the same settings for Unreal Engine for both instances of the IDE?

If the setting appears correct in both instances then I wonder if this is caused by the plugin symbols already being in the VA symbol database for the second instance.

VA keeps a separate copy of its symbol database for each instance of the IDE, and it turns out that the VA option:

VA Options -> Performance -> Rebuild symbol databases

only triggers a rebuild for the current instance's database, not for all instances. So it is possible you have plugins indexed in the 2nd instances symbol database from an earlier load of the IDE, with this setting enabled.

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