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T O P I C    R E V I E W
lucwens Posted - Jun 03 2013 : 10:45:18 AM

I'm using Visual Assist version 10.6.1859 on visual c 2010 SP1.
It happens often that the whole user interface of visual c freezes for a few seconds (no response, the whole screen becomes pale).
When disabling VAssist, this phenomena goes away, so I guess it does has something to do with VAssist.

Any ideas how this could be solved?

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lucwens Posted - Jun 27 2013 : 09:31:07 AM
yes, that's right: I will need to get the Alt-G in the fingers.

Thank's for the feedback!


feline Posted - Jun 25 2013 : 2:43:02 PM
Unfortunately you cannot edit this menu, partly because it is generated when you trigger it. You will notice that the available entries are context sensitive, and if Add Include is being offered, then the name of the header file that VA will add is listed in the menu.

We are considering adding alt-g to this menu:


Out of interest, if you are pressing Ctrl+Q and want to see the Alt-g destination as well, isn't it just easier to press Alt-G directly?
lucwens Posted - Jun 25 2013 : 03:07:34 AM
Hi Feline,

thank you for the useful feedback.
A good solution for me would be to add the alt-g command to the VA refactor context menu (VassistX.RefactorContextMenu), which I put under Ctrl+Q and use a lot.
I am looking now for the right menu in the Customize menu, second tab page and then selecting Context menu, in order to add the Alt-g command into the refactor context menu myself, but can't find it (Other Context menus |Code Window | Refactor comes close but is not the one.
Any idea where and how I can edit the context menu myself?


feline Posted - Jun 24 2013 : 4:33:38 PM
We are considering adding a form of VA alt-g that will go directly to the declaration:


for now, the implementation is listed first, and the declaration second, so you can use this information without stopping to read the menu and consider which item you want.

You might find this post helpful for speeding up the IDE's intellisense parsing:


From your description, turning on "Disable Database Auto Updates", and then manually triggering G?Rescan SolutionG? from the projectG??s context menu in Solution Explorer now and then, when you don't mind waiting for the parse to run, should work well for you.
lucwens Posted - Jun 24 2013 : 03:57:06 AM
Hi Feline,

getting back after some weeks.
Following your suggestion does make the freezing go away, and yes, I think I can state that making changes in headers is one way to trigger the freezing.
It is a pointer, but not a solution yet, since when I disable the Database, I get 2 other problems:
- the resource section will be empty
- going to definitions using the context menu in the editor no longer works.

if there is any other way to go directly to the definition (later versions of VA ?) then I could live with this solution. Just need to enable then the database when I want to edit resource.
Better solutions are of course very welcome.

Best regards,

feline Posted - Jun 03 2013 : 11:14:38 AM
Can you run a CPU monitor, and see if you are getting a CPU spike on a single CPU core when this happens?

Have you noticed any pattern to this problem? Any idea of what might be triggering this? Perhaps editing a widely used header file? Editing a very large cpp file? A code file with very complex macro or template code?

Can you try changing the setting:

IDE Tools menu -> Options -> Text Editor -> C/C++ -> Advanced -> Disable Database = True

to disable the IDE intellisense parser, and see if this makes any difference?

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