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T O P I C    R E V I E W
AlbanCarpool Posted - Dec 18 2023 : 08:38:47 AM
Hello, I've a professionnal licence and after installing it, the option are grayed out (open corresponding file, Goto Implementation, etc...). I attached a screenshot.
When using the shortcut Alt+Shift+Q or Alt+G or Alt+O, I ear a 'error' sound and the action is done executed.
Thanks for your help,

ps: Open file in Solution is working well but it's the only one.
pps: I tried to install a personal licence I bought this summer and I have the same issue
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feline Posted - Jan 15 2024 : 06:54:19 AM
Excellent, thank you for the update, I am glad we have finally found the trigger. Hopefully our developers will have a fix for this fairly soon.
AlbanCarpool Posted - Jan 15 2024 : 03:04:21 AM
Hello, I tried on my work computer and it worked to disable AWS Toolkit. I will try on my home computer tonight to check
Thank you very much.
feline Posted - Jan 12 2024 : 12:54:30 PM
Can you please check and see if you have the extension "AWS Tooktip for Visual Studio 2022" installed, and if so, try disabling this extension in the dialog:

IDE Extensions menu -> Manage Extensions

For me, this extension is causing this problem on two different test systems, so it could well be the trigger for you as well.

feline Posted - Jan 11 2024 : 10:07:48 AM
This really is odd, I would expect you to be prompted for your license after deleting these registry settings.

Can you please try creating a new, default C# solution, and see if Visual Assist is active there? Someone else has run into a very similar looking problem, and for them VA works in C# but not in C++, so I am wondering if you are going to see the same pattern.
AlbanCarpool Posted - Jan 11 2024 : 09:38:32 AM
No I have no message box error when loading Visual Studio. And I don't see any error somewhere.
The VA's Open file works correctly. I rebooted several times.
I did the deletion of HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Whole Tomato but it didn't prompt me a window to enter my VA licence. I checked VA and it says the licence is ok even with the deletion of 'Whole Tomato' registers.
feline Posted - Dec 19 2023 : 09:22:25 AM
A stupid question, but you are not getting any message boxes when you load the IDE are you? Especially anything about problems with your license?

The problem with that theory is that the Open File in Solution dialog should not work if the problem is a lack of a VA license.

Can you actually open files and switch to them with VA's Open File dialog? Just making sure it is working correctly.

Have you rebooted since you first ran into this problem? If not, can you please try this. I doubt it will have any effect, but its a quick and simple test.

If that doesn't help, can you please close all instances of Visual Studio, then run regedit, and delete the folder:

when you next load Visual Studio, you will be prompted to enter your VA license key again. After doing so, has this made any change to what is happening?
AlbanCarpool Posted - Dec 19 2023 : 08:52:49 AM
Hello and thanks a lot for your help. I did the test and VA is still not active. Same state: open file works but not the VA Options Dialog, neither the Alt+O, the Alt+M, etc...
I don't have anti-virus installed expect the default protection from Windows.
feline Posted - Dec 19 2023 : 05:46:26 AM
Thank you for that. Can you first download the VS2022 specific installer for Visual Assist from:


Next you will need extra details about the IDE install to create a test profile. To get these details, please open a Windows command prompt window, and inside the window run the command:

"%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Visual Studio\Installer\vswhere.exe"

There will be a set of lines for each different version of Visual Studio that you have installed. For the version you want to install into, you want the "productPath", "dispalyName" and "installationVersion" lines, e.g.

productPath: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\2022\Professional\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe
displayName: Visual Studio Professional 2022
installationVersion: 17.4.33213.308

You can then use the information from these three lines to make sure that the following command has the correct command line parameters. The values are:

/appidname: = displayName:
/appidinstallpath: = productPath:
/skuVersion: = installationVersion:

The "/skuName:" value is one of "Community / Pro / Enterprise", note for the Professional version it is "Pro", not the expected "Professional".

The working command, for VS2022, using the values above, is - split into lines to make it easier to read and edit:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\2022\Professional\Common7\IDE\VSIXInstaller.exe"
/appidinstallpath:"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\2022\Professional\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe"
/appidname:"Visual Studio Professional 2022"
/rootSuffix:"VATest" "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Downloads\VA_X_Setup2508_0_x64.vsix"

The "rootSuffix" is the name of the test profile you want to install to, and this will be created if it does not already exist. The final parameter is the path of the VSIX installer for Visual Assist that you want to install. Once you have the command set up, the only parts you should need to edit are the skuVersion and the path to the VSIX file, can you please close all instances of Visual Studio and run this command.

Running this command installs VA into the test profile, but it does not load the test profile. If you created the test profile by installing VA, when you run the test profile it will be using the default IDE settings, without asking you which settings you want to use.

To now load the test profile you use the command:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\2022\Professional\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe" /RootSuffix VATest

To load your normal, default profile just load the IDE normally. To return to this test profile again, pass the /RootSuffix command line switch when loading the IDE. You can run both profiles at the same time, next to each other. In VS2019 and VS2022 the profile name will be shown just under the close button, in the top right hand corner of the main IDE window. If you export your IDE settings from your main profile you can them import them into the test profile.

Is VA active and working normally in the test profile? If it is, then the problem is something specific to your default profile. If you are seeing the same problem in the test profile this suggests some other program on your system is stopping VA from loading normally, possibly some form of anti-virus.
AlbanCarpool Posted - Dec 18 2023 : 3:17:29 PM
Yes sure.
- Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2022 (64-bit) - Version 17.8.3
- VA_X64.dll file version 10.9.2508.0 built 2023.11.24
feline Posted - Dec 18 2023 : 12:43:23 PM
Really strange, its as if something was stopping VA from loading fully.

Which IDE and version of VA are you using? Also is your IDE Community, Professional or Enterprise?

I am going to get you to try a new test profile, since it seems things are quite broken here, but need to know the IDE and VA version to give you the correct download link and instructions.
AlbanCarpool Posted - Dec 18 2023 : 10:38:05 AM
The VA options dialog doesnt show no. Do you mean teh Shift+Alt+Q dialog menu? No it doesn't show.
I'm working in a C++ project (.h and .cpp files mainly)
Yes the Open File dialog works correctly. I can find all the files in my solution.
I tried to create a new project and the issue is similar. Alt+O (open corresponding file), Alt+M (list methods), doesn't works neither
feline Posted - Dec 18 2023 : 10:27:32 AM
Most of the enabled items are opening sub-menus, but I suspect that all of the items in the sub-menus will also be disabled.

What file extension, or extensions, are you seeing this problem with?

Are you able to open the VA options dialog? I assume you can, since you can use the Open File in Solution dialog, but don't want to just assume.

Are any files being listed in the Open File dialog?

If you create a new, default C++ console solution, rather than this solution, do you still see the problem?

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