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 Include paths for "Add Include" no longer correct

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
FakeEnema Posted - Oct 18 2023 : 01:48:40 AM
I recently updated an Unreal Engine project I'm working on from UE5.1 to UE5.3, and that required updating from Visual Studio 2019 to VS2022, as well as updating Visual Assist from 2488 to 2502. After this transition I'm finding that I can no longer get the "Add Include" option to generate file paths for Unreal Engine files in a reasonable manner. Now it either generates paths that are absurdly long because the path is relative to the current file, or downright incorrect and uncompilable because it only includes the filename.

As an example, in my previous setup if I tried to use "AddInclude" on the class TUnion then it would generate the include as:

#include <Containers/Union.h>

Which is exactly what I want. However, with the new VA, VS2022, UE5.3, and the various combinations of the "Add Include style" and "Add Include path" options, it will only generate the include in one of these forms:

#include <../../../../../../../Source/Runtime/Core/Public/Containers/Union.h>
#include <Union.h>

The latter of which doesn't even compile. Note, this only happens for headers that are part of the Unreal Engine source; my own headers still get included appropriately. Is there some VA setting somewhere that can get "Add Include" to once again use the shorter compilable path that it used to, or perhaps some VS or project setting that needs to be tweaked? Or is this perhaps a bug with VA and UE 5.3/5.2?
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feline Posted - Jan 24 2024 : 06:51:57 AM
We are currently looking into this, and hoping to have a solution soon. Its a little tricky though, since we have to either ignore, or supplement, the include directories we get from Visual Studio, which are normally something we need to just respect.

Definitely a high priority bug for us, but until we have a working and tested fix, I am hesitant to say more.
honestdangames Posted - Jan 23 2024 : 5:23:38 PM
Is there any progress on this being resolved @feline? This is a pain for people developing in UE5.3 since full includes now mandatory. Be great to get this fixed, having to fix up the include does become tedious.
feline Posted - Oct 19 2023 : 05:32:25 AM
I assume you are working regularly in the Unreal Editor, so your solution is being regenerated and updated on a regular basis. But if not, we could try updating the include directory list in your Visual Studio solution, so VA is seeing the expected base directories to use for Add Include. If you are interested I will look at the differences between UE 5.2 and UE 5.3 again.
FakeEnema Posted - Oct 18 2023 : 7:36:42 PM
Ahh, thanks for the reply. That's a bummer in the meantime, but at least it's nice understanding what's going on. I'll make due for now, and will eagerly await future updates.

Thanks again.
feline Posted - Oct 18 2023 : 05:28:16 AM
Apologies for this. Unreal Engine has changed the Visual Studio projects it generates in version 5.3, removing some of the include directories that used to be set. As a result VA is trying to generate a valid #include statement based off of the new, smaller set of include directories that are set. I believe this works since UE doesn't use the Visual Studio solution for building, so it doesn't matter if the include directories have changed.

It looks like we are going to have to handle Add Include differently in Unreal Engine projects going forward:


For now, hopefully having the correct file name added helps, even if you then need to fix the path.

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