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 Rename unable to find in other windows

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Thnift Posted - May 19 2023 : 12:44:36 PM

I've noticed recently that certain features (most notably rename) are unable to find references to something being renamed if they are open in another window.

To be clear, I haven't opened the project in two separate instances of Visual Studio, I've simply dragged one of my open tabs and undocked it in a second monitor. I'm wondering if this is a known issue or if there is something that I am doing incorrectly which is causing this.

As I mentioned this isn't the sole function which fails, the find (default Shift+alt+f) is unable to find anything either.

Currently using VS2022 on windows 10.

Thanks for any help!
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feline Posted - Jun 02 2023 : 07:40:25 AM
Thank you for the update. This is very strange, and it was clearly happening. It makes me wonder if the trigger was something else, but sadly I don't have any good ideas for what could cause a bug like this.

I don't close threads, sometimes problems only happen occasionally over time, so it makes sense to pick the conversation up where we left it last time. Still, I do hope that you never see this again, since it is a rather nasty bug.
Thnift Posted - Jun 01 2023 : 12:18:59 PM
Hey again Feline,

I've been trying to repro this for the past week - to no avail. Might have been a one time fluke.

When it did happen I had opened multiple files from the same solution, dragged a few into a second monitor and fullscreened them. Then used the VA rename to rename a function and only the instances of the function that were in the files open in the second window were renamed.

This happened multiple times, as I undid the first rename and tried it again. Afterwards trying the VA find, where it similarly only found references in the files that were open in the second window (or in the first window if the find was started from there). I'd also let it sit to ensure that it wasn't still searching.

I don't know if you close threads, but this could probably be considered "closed" as neither of us are able to reproduce. If I ever come across it again I'll start up a new thread (or if you don't close threads I'll grab this one again)

Thanks for your help!
feline Posted - May 24 2023 : 12:16:07 PM
I didn't maximise the floating window on a second window last time, but I have re-tested this with the floating window maximised, and still no sign of this bug. Running Find References from either the floating window, or the main IDE window, returns results from both files for me.
Thnift Posted - May 24 2023 : 08:48:12 AM
I think the biggest difference is that remotely I only have 1 monitor, so I could only undock the tab but leave it in the same window - whereas in person I was using 2 fullscreen windows on different monitors. AFAIK they are identical but will check that when I get in
feline Posted - May 24 2023 : 07:51:32 AM
VA build 2476 was released in January 2023, so all of that is right and as expected.

The fact that you cannot easily reproduce this remotely is interesting, if we just knew what it meant. When you can check this in person, what are the DPI and refresh rate settings for the two monitors? We have seen occasional problems with having a high DPI monitor mixed with a normal DPI monitor, or high refresh rate monitors. But I still don't see how either of these would have any effect on Find References.
Thnift Posted - May 23 2023 : 6:37:00 PM
I am also on VA 17.5.5, however I had never thought to check the version of VA (stupid I know). It's a company provided license so I had just assumed that it was the most recent - in the System Info for the extension it's showing 10.9.2476.0. So I may be looking in the wrong place - since it also says it was built in 2023.

I just tried to reproduce the issue remotely (single monitor) and was unable to do so. So it seems to work fine for having the window undocked but in the same screen. I'll be back in office tomorrow and will have access to multiple monitors, and can attempt more repro there. The issue was noted with 2 fullscreen windows in separate displays.
feline Posted - May 23 2023 : 10:48:52 AM
Which version of VS2022 are you using? I tested this with version 17.5.5 and VA 2476.

I did exactly what you describe for my test, and the references in the "floating" file were picked up and listed just fine for me.

Do you have any other extensions installed that might somehow be a factor?

Do you get the same problem if the floating file is on the same monitor as the rest of the IDE window? I am not sure why the monitor its self should matter, but I don't see why the file being in a separate window should matter either.
Thnift Posted - May 22 2023 : 9:57:41 PM
Originally posted by feline

No, this isn't a known problem, and I cannot easily reproduce this problem here.

When you say VA is missing the results, are you talking about them not being listed in the Find References Results window...

Hey Feline, yeah exactly - they're not being shown in the find results window. The files are all opened from the same solution. Everything's been opened from the solution explorer.

When I drag the tab back to the main window to dock it, the find results works as expected - and stops again when undocking it.

I can try to reproduce it more tomorrow when I'm back at work
feline Posted - May 22 2023 : 1:30:00 PM
No, this isn't a known problem, and I cannot easily reproduce this problem here.

When you say VA is missing the results, are you talking about them not being listed in the Find References Results window, or are you talking about them not being highlighted in the separate file window? A highlighting problem would make some sense, but Find References is run by checking the files themselves, not simply relying on what is open.

Are all of these files part of your solution? Or have you just opened a collection of files without them being associated with each other?

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