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 VA 2463: completion suggestions problems

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Uniwares Posted - Nov 25 2022 : 2:04:21 PM
With this update under VS2022 v17.4.1 I have a few questions and problems (when activating the suggestion lists for C#):

1) Using tab for the intellisense suggestions doesnt work anymore, even if tab for VA completion is no enabled (I left it with only Enter), instead, pressing tab closes both.

2) see that little list icon with the green checkmark? The one off the list? Besides of looking kinda weird floating in code space and appearing ONLY after the mouse hovers inside the list, I get different results depending on how I activate it. Clicking on the symbol opens one list, pressing Ctrl+J (as in its tooltip suggested) I get another list.

The first one actually appears after something else flickered shortly and disappeared.

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feline Posted - Dec 05 2022 : 1:52:24 PM
I have put in a case for the VA suggestion list feature stopping the IDE suggestions working:


I am more than happy to try your IDE and VA settings on an old IDE and VA pairing, to see if I can get this working. If this used to work and stopped working then I would like to know when / why, since that would both make this a regression, and hopefully give us some idea of what triggered the change.

If you have the time, can you try my simple new console solution test, and see if you get the same position bug with the listbox being expanded via keyboard or mouse? I still wonder if there is a setting somewhere that matters for this positioning of the listbox, but if there is I am not sure where to look for it off the top of my head.
Uniwares Posted - Dec 05 2022 : 12:14:29 PM
Still remains the question how to solve the problem of the intellisense suggestions and the completion list interference.
Uniwares Posted - Dec 05 2022 : 11:54:04 AM
Yes, the listbox seems to have the same content, but the default item is different between keyboard or mouse invocation of the list, might be related to that extraneous list that pops up, but no idea where thats from.
feline Posted - Dec 05 2022 : 10:56:38 AM
OK, starting with a clean system, I have installed VA 2463, and then created a new C# Console App, targeting .NET 6.0. I did turn off using top level statements, so I got a class and namespace.

I then entered the following block of very boring code:

lots of the same basic line, to make sure I was getting suitable suggestions. I focussed on the listbox after typing the equals sign, and made sure that Ctrl+J was mapped to Edit.ListMembers

I alternated between using the mouse on the floating button at the bottom corner of the suggestion listbox, and using Ctrl+J, but every single time, no matter which method I used, I always got this listbox, and listbox position:

I do suspect that you are getting the same listbox yourself, but for some reason it is defaulting to showing the topmost item sometimes, but no idea why. Maybe a setting problem?
feline Posted - Dec 05 2022 : 08:46:11 AM
Just looking at the long listbox you are getting, the two "different" versions seem to have a similar, if not identical sized scroll bar, but they are starting at different positions. If you press Home in both versions, do they start with the same items?

I am wondering if you are getting the same listbox both times, but on one occasion you are being taken to a best guess entry. I half remember there being a setting for this, but I am not seeing a C# setting for this in VS2022, so I might be remembering a C++ listbox setting.

I am setting up some more tests here, but typing history is likely to factor into the listbox behaviour as well.
Uniwares Posted - Dec 02 2022 : 1:18:16 PM
Originally posted by feline

If you look at the "Filtering Toolbar" section here:


it explains the icons that appear under a listbox on mouse hover. The icons that appear will vary depending on what is present in the listbox, since there is no point in offering a filter if there are no items of that type in the listbox.

It somehow explains the icons but the icon in my list does not adhere to the scheme shown in the docs. It has no background, it appears only when hovering over the list and disappears forever when hovering out of it, never to be seen again until you open the list again.
Uniwares Posted - Dec 02 2022 : 1:14:22 PM
Ctrl+J is mapped as it should be, Edit.ListMembers (TextEditor)

see what is happening for me in the GIF below: I have added a deliberate 1sec delay when a list pops up. The first sequence shows what list is shown when clicking with the mouse, the second Ctrl+J.

(if you open the gif in screen2gif you can walk through the frames manually)
feline Posted - Dec 02 2022 : 12:51:49 PM
OK, the keyboard shortcut in the tooltip is hardcoded as Ctrl+J, regardless of what your keyboard settings set Ctrl+J to. This is fine in earlier versions of the IDE, where the default settings map Ctrl+J to "Edit.ListMembers" for me, but this isn't mapped in VS2022 by default for me.

I suspect it is mapped to something else for you, but without knowing what it is mapped to, it will be tricky to make sense of what is happening for you. The first step though would be for VA to use the mapped keyboard shortcut in the tooltip:

feline Posted - Dec 01 2022 : 1:27:59 PM
I am not sure if the tooltip is always reliable. I have gone back to VS2015, to get some "history" here, to see what results I get, and in C++, CTRL+J is doing the same thing as clicking on the suggestion listbox hovering icon with the mouse. The keyboard settings are probably also a factor in all of this.
feline Posted - Dec 01 2022 : 12:52:56 PM
If you look at the "Filtering Toolbar" section here:


it explains the icons that appear under a listbox on mouse hover. The icons that appear will vary depending on what is present in the listbox, since there is no point in offering a filter if there are no items of that type in the listbox.

Part of the confusion is that sometimes you have a suggestion listbox, and sometimes you have a "full" listbox. Suggestion listboxes get the option to be expanded to a "full" listbox, while "full" listboxes get more filters, since these are syntax and context aware listboxes, as opposed to "best guesses" which suggestions are.
Uniwares Posted - Nov 30 2022 : 12:34:23 PM
I am usually on the latest version of VS, since the 2022 is still pretty buggy, any update should be an improvement. Will send you my settings though.

As for the weird icon: in the screenshot you can see the first two entries in the list with the new outlined tomato behind, the extraneous, off icon doesnt have it. so something seems to add it when hovering over the list. Also noticed that the list icons are not always the same, for some reason today I got a different set of icons, class member types, and the off icon had a star instead of the geen checkbox, getting weirder and weirder. In my original post you see both resulting lists, depending on invocation method.
feline Posted - Nov 30 2022 : 12:15:05 PM
For the IDE suggestions being accepted on Tab, I have just installed VS2022 version 17.2.0 on a clean, no IDE, version of Windows 10, so gone back a few versions, this version was released in May 2022. I have also installed VA 2420, from 2021.07.28, so over a year old version of VA.

I am getting the same effect here, if VA suggestions are enabled in C# then Tab Tab does not accept the IDE suggestion, even with Tab disabled for accepting VA listboxes.

Can you please send me the VA and IDE settings you are using, where this should work in an older version of VS2022 and VA. Do you think I have gone back far enough in terms of VA and VS2022 versions? I don't know how quickly you install updates to the IDE and VA, but this is a good jump back in versions.

For the listbox filter button, since it appears in the same place, and works on the same basis as the VA listbox filter buttons. The position is below the listbox, it is attached to the bottom corner of the listbox.

When you use this button does this produce a short or a long listbox for you? If you turn On:

VA Options -> Floating Buttons and Icons -> Denote content from Visual Assist with tomato icons

are you getting tomato icons on the new listbox that appears? I am not actually getting a listbox at all on Ctrl+J, and the IDE status bar is rather confusingly telling me:

The key combination (Ctrl+K, Esc) is not a command.

so I am not quite sure what is going on here.
Uniwares Posted - Nov 30 2022 : 07:42:42 AM
Talking about he first image, see again below:

Suggestion lists are enabled for C#, accept with Enter only.
Accepting IDE suggestions with Tab did work before, but now we have an IDE update + VA update, so no telling who's the culprit. It doesn't work anymore, that's for sure.
feline Posted - Nov 30 2022 : 07:20:47 AM
For the first problem, do you have:

VA Options -> Suggestions -> Suggestion and Completion lists
* Enable in C#

turned On or Off? With this turned On, double Tab does not accept the IDE suggestions for me in VS2022 17.3.6 or VA2022 17.4.1, testing both with VA 2463. The display of the C# IDE suggestions has changed between these two versions of VS2022, but in both versions, if you are asking for suggestions from both VA and the IDE at the same time, and both suggestions are visible and active, its not surprising that they can "clash". So I am wondering if this is a regression for you, or a feature request.

I am testing with VA listboxes not set to be accepted with Tab.

Were you able to accept the IDE suggestions with VA listboxes visible before?

For the second problem, I don't see a green checkmark in any of these images. Have you uploaded the right images for this?

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