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 JSON Folder during parse project

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
pacioc193 Posted - Nov 14 2022 : 5:43:02 PM
Since last update, Visual Assist create a JSON folder when parse the project. This is very annoying and no where is written why this folder is generated.

Could be possible to have some more information?
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feline Posted - Feb 24 2023 : 12:09:42 PM
The folder being created is fixed in VA 2476, which is something. It sounds like it should also be fixed in 17.5.0 as well.
Uniwares Posted - Feb 24 2023 : 06:57:48 AM
The worst thing about this folder is that VS adds it to the GIT changes, although any other GIT app doesn't see them as they are by default excluded. Even including /JSON/ into the .gitignore doesn't remove it from the git changes. Definitely a VS bug, haven't checked yet if that is fixed now in 17.5.0
feline Posted - Feb 15 2023 : 06:45:55 AM
Thank you for the update. We have also released a fix in our latest build, 2023.1, in case you cannot update your VS2022 install just yet.
ge0rdi Posted - Feb 15 2023 : 02:45:02 AM
Good news, everyone!

VS 17.4.5 update is out and it seems to be fixing the JSON folder issue.
feline Posted - Jan 16 2023 : 07:32:26 AM
Thank you for the update, it is good that a fix is coming from Microsoft fairly soon
ge0rdi Posted - Jan 16 2023 : 03:03:37 AM
According to MS this issue should be fixed in next 17.4 servicing update (February):
feline Posted - Dec 14 2022 : 07:48:15 AM
Thank you for the update, it is good to know that Microsoft have found the problem at their end. We are also working on a fix at our end, but if I had to guess then I would suspect the Microsoft preview would be out before the VA fix, but I would not like to guess about the final release timing.
pacioc193 Posted - Dec 14 2022 : 03:31:31 AM
Great news! We will wait new visual studio preview than or visual assist could do anything before it?
ge0rdi Posted - Dec 14 2022 : 02:39:35 AM
It seems that MS guys finally figured it out:
feline Posted - Dec 13 2022 : 07:23:01 AM
No timeline yet, we are currently trying to find out what we are doing that is triggering this. We aren't deliberately writing out this folder or file, so it seems that something we are doing is triggering the IDE to generate it, which makes sense, given the Microsoft URL. But that doesn't really tell us where to look for the trigger.
FAN Posted - Dec 13 2022 : 03:53:20 AM
The bug still persists in Visual Assist Build 2022.5.
Is there a timeline for when it will be fixed?
feline Posted - Nov 29 2022 : 08:16:35 AM
I have put in a bug report for this, its clearly caused, somehow, by VA, since it needs the current version of VA to happen. But, strangely enough, even turning off just about every single VA option that cares about mouse hovering doesn't stop the folder appearing:


Hopefully the folder and the file don't cause to many problems.
feline Posted - Nov 28 2022 : 1:05:22 PM
That's the trigger! Thank you, I am looking for any specifics that will help with the bug report now.
ge0rdi Posted - Nov 28 2022 : 10:23:00 AM
Is there some kind of logging that we can enable in VS to possibly obtain more info why it is happening (like some ETW or so)?

I can see (in Process Monitor) that the JSON folder (and files inside) are created by devenv.exe process and there is Microsoft.WebTools.Languages.Json.Editor.ni.dll at the top of the stack.
Though there are no symbols available for all those assemblies :(
ge0rdi Posted - Nov 28 2022 : 09:06:39 AM
I can confirm this happening since VS 17.4 update (though I may have updated VA at similar time :( ).

There is similar report (but related to CodeStream extension):

I can "replicate" it by opening a project in VS (VA enabled) and then hovering with mouse on some function/variable.
After that the tooltip (with info from VA) shows and JSON folder is created.
If I just open project in VS and don't do anything else, the folder won't appear.
feline Posted - Nov 17 2022 : 05:26:28 AM
There is a known crash bug in VA 2463.0, which happens when hovering the mouse pointer over the toolbar icons in the Find References Results window. We are actively working on this. But if you avoid hovering the mouse over the buttons everything should be fine. I don't think I have seen any crashes at all while trying to reproduce this problem, so I am not sure if that is a factor or not.
pacioc193 Posted - Nov 16 2022 : 1:47:08 PM
The only information that I�ve found online is this


This file is generated from a crash of VS I think with visual assist� could it help?
feline Posted - Nov 16 2022 : 11:48:20 AM
Has anyone found a pattern or trigger for when this folder and file is created? I have had it happen here, its definitely happening, but without being able to reproduce it on demand its hard to confirm if VA is the trigger. It could be somehow VA is triggering something inside the IDE, since it seems really odd VA would create this.
pacioc193 Posted - Nov 16 2022 : 11:30:26 AM
Unlucky I can't share the project where this happens so often due some dependency .
Maybe some other people can do it in forum since i'm not the only one with this strange behaviour
KRG Posted - Nov 16 2022 : 10:37:24 AM
Having the exact same problem on my end. I thought it was MSVC causing the issue initially, didn't occur to me it might be VAX
FAN Posted - Nov 16 2022 : 10:12:42 AM
I can confirm that these files are generated since the last update of Visual Assist.

I have now uninstalled VA and installed the second latest version to fix the problem.

As soon as I opened a solution, the unwanted file was generated. Sometimes it took a little longer.

(I'm using Visual Studio 17.4.1)
feline Posted - Nov 16 2022 : 09:55:28 AM
The directory and file don't make much sense, but so far I cannot reproduce this on demand, so I have no idea what is happening here. I have seen it appear a couple of times, once it seemed to appear on solution load, and once on solution build. But I have tried 15+ times now with no sign of this directory or file. Rebooting doesn't seem to help me reproduce this either.

It doesn't seem like something VA would create, especially since the file name reads like a Microsoft website, and VA tries to keep its files in its own directories, as a rule.

VA should have no effect on how your solution is built, and VA's symbol database isn't written to this location.

Are you able to reproduce this on demand with a very simple test solution you would be able to send me? If so, can you please send me the solution, along with your VA and IDE settings:

VA Options -> Performance -> Export Settings
IDE tools menu -> Import and Export Settings -> Export selected environment settings

along with a description of exactly how you reproduce this effect? If you are seeing this all the time then you are obviously doing something different to me, but I don't know what.

Please send me the files via email:

[email protected]

including this thread ID or URL in the description, so we can match it up.
pacioc193 Posted - Nov 16 2022 : 08:10:51 AM
Not a big deal for me, but in all projects, I need to add files inside .gitignore because will create a mess inside the git repository.

Yes, I deleted it multiple times and after a recompile or reload project from VAX it appears again.

Why this file is generated? At a fast and noobie view seems a virus file... It took hours to understand that I didn't download malware...

feline Posted - Nov 16 2022 : 08:01:19 AM
If you delete this directory is it recreated? I have found it on a couple of my solutions, but only two, and having deleted it from one of them, so far I cannot find a trigger to get it recreated. So if it is appearing again for you that would be interesting.

Is this directory causing any problems for you?
pacioc193 Posted - Nov 15 2022 : 11:51:11 AM
First of all thanks so much for the answer, I write here all the information

I use 2 different Visual Studio versions:

VS2022 and VS2019.

Since the installation of VAX version 2022.4 a folder JSON is generated in the same folder of the ".sln" file.
This happens only in VS2022.
VS2019 is working fine, no folder generated.
I tried to reinstall VS2022 many times but when I install the 2022.4 version of VAX this "problem" happens.
Using version 2022.3 no folder is generated.
This folder seems to be generated on the parsing of the project.

About the content i paste it here


feline Posted - Nov 15 2022 : 07:49:18 AM
Which version of Visual Studio are you using?

Where is this folder being created, and what is it called?

What sort of solution are you opening? Are you just opening a folder? Doing something else? So far I am not seeing any sign of anything like this here, so I need to know what you are doing to try and reproduce it here.

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