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 Installation of older version in VS-2019 fails

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
xMRi Posted - Nov 08 2022 : 07:55:17 AM
I have a build 2339.
For some reason VS updated to the newest version where I don't have a registration key.

So I uninstalled the new version and reinstalled the old version.

I always get the failure
An error was reported by Visual Studio VSIXInstaller. See the next window for access to its error log.
But the log file says that the installation succeeded.
Than I get a message that the product is already installed for all programs.

When I now launch VS-2019, the Visual Assist menu doesn't show up.

I tried to repair VS and reinstalled Visual Assist.
No avail.

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feline Posted - Nov 15 2022 : 07:43:15 AM
At least the current version is working correctly, this is what matters! Thank you for the update.
xMRi Posted - Nov 15 2022 : 05:37:38 AM
I may test this later:
Other question how do I delete this hive VATest?
xMRi Posted - Nov 15 2022 : 04:52:34 AM
With the new version I don't have any problems...
Currently I have no time to check this.
feline Posted - Nov 14 2022 : 11:34:56 AM
So far compatibility mode has always fixed the crashes that I have seen. It sounds like there is a problem with your default profile instead. Can you please try running the command:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\Professional\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe" /RootSuffix VATest

this will create and load a new, default profile for Visual Studio, so you will be asked which basic settings you want to use, and you should only have the standard, default IDE extensions installed. Visual Assist will not be installed into this profile, so you will need to go into the dialog:

IDE Extensions menu -> Manage Extensions

and install Visual Assist from the online extension store, to install VA for this test profile. This won't install the just released version of VA, but it will let us test to see if you can get a new install of Visual Assist working in this test profile without problems.

To load your normal, default profile just load the IDE normally. To return to this test profile again, pass the /RootSuffix command line switch when loading the IDE. You can run both profiles at the same time, next to each other. In VS2019 and VS2022 the profile name will be shown just under the close button, in the top right hand corner of the main IDE window. If you export your IDE settings from your main profile you can them import them into the test profile.

Does this help at all? If the problem is specific to your default profile then we should be able to fix this, but I don't want to make assumptions about what is going wrong here.
xMRi Posted - Nov 14 2022 : 11:30:26 AM
No. I can ONLY install the latest version.
In fact this was the first time I wasn't able to install an older build of VA X on a machine.

The installer of the build 2339 doesn't start on my Windows 10 PC.
I can set the compatible mode to Windows 7. But in this case something seams to be wrong. Uninstalling the version doesn't work and leaves artifacts (like the VA View Window).

So I decided to by an update. It took me 4 hours to try to repair my old 2339 build. This wasn't worth the time...
feline Posted - Nov 14 2022 : 10:50:10 AM
Are you saying you still cannot install the latest version of VA?

Is VA showing up as an installed extension inside VS2019 in the dialog:

IDE Extensions menu -> Manage Extensions

I have seen a number of cases where VA installs successfully, it shows up as an installed extension, it is enabled, but there is no sign of it when you load the IDE. So it is possible you have run into this problem. If so there is a fairly simple test, to see if its the same problem, and if so a solution for it.
xMRi Posted - Nov 14 2022 : 01:16:37 AM
Because I had to start the installer in compatibility mode, something going wrong.

Finally I didn't get it to run. But I bought a new update... :-|

feline Posted - Nov 11 2022 : 12:37:41 PM
If you check the install log you might see some "odd" error that is why the installer said there was a problem, but VA still installed successfully. I have seen this a few times now.

Hopefully VA is now active and working correctly for you.

You might want to make sure that automatically update is disabled for Visual Assist, which can be done in the:

IDE Extensions menu -> Manage Extensions

dialog on an extension by extension basis, or globally via:

IDE tools menu -> Options -> Environment -> Extensions and Updates -> Automatically update extensions

to avoid the IDE updating VA when you don't want this to happen.
xMRi Posted - Nov 08 2022 : 09:37:01 AM

1. VS Repair
2. No Extensions are available
3. Switch to English disable Auto Update for Extension
4. Restart
5. Install some Standard Extension (Powertools)
6. Exit
7. Install VA_X_Setup2399_0.exe
An error was reported by Visual Studio VSIXInstaller. See the next window for access to its error log.

Dialog with progess but not buttons.
Closes automtcally.

VSIX Installer
This Extension is already installed for all versions

xMRi Posted - Nov 08 2022 : 08:27:19 AM
1. I see in in the list
2. There is an Enable button and it is enabled.
accord Posted - Nov 08 2022 : 08:03:33 AM
We're sorry for the inconvenience. Visual Studio updates extensions by default. We try disabling it for Visual Assist, but it seems it wasn't successful in your case.

Regarding the problem you are facing right now: Can you please trigger the following dialog to see if Visual Assist is listed?

Extensions -> Manage Extensions...

Now please click on "Installed" on the left.

In case Visual Assist is listed here, is it Enabled? When you select it from the list, do you see an "Enable" button? If so, pressing that button should solve your problem.

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