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T O P I C    R E V I E W
bishopnator Posted - Sep 28 2022 : 11:38:13 AM
Hi, I have Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2022 (64-bit) - LTSC 17.0 (Version 17.0.6). When I load the solution, it seems that everything is working correctly with VAX. After some time of coding, it stops working in some of the opened files (in some of them, it is still working, in other it just doesn't react on any shortcuts).

For the files where it doesn't work, also the menus in EXTENSIONS->VAssistX are grayed. If I move the tab with the file to another position, it seems to reactivate the menus, it works again from couple of minutes.

I am getting also other problems with shortcuts - ater couple of minutes for some files (not all opened), the Alt+G stops to work properly (it just navigate to completely unrelated symbols with not even same name and same for Alt+O to switch between h/cpp files - it just starts to jump to "random" file.

Any clues what should I check or send you? On my computer I am getting those kind errors regularly (VS or VAX don't report any errors).

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feline Posted - Nov 14 2022 : 11:10:07 AM
Thank you for the update, and I am glad that the fix was so simple, and easily done. At a wild guess, I would say some form of database corruption in the IDE intellisense, which could be machine specific. Or even a problem with your Visual Studio profile, which could again be machine specific. Both are rather vague guesses though, but would possibly offer a place to start testing if you run into this again.
bishopnator Posted - Oct 20 2022 : 07:52:10 AM
Disabling IntelliSense seems to solve the problems. I keep it disabled. Honostly I don't see any difference in my VS with active and inactive IntelliSense. Probably I don't use a lot features which they are there integrating. Thx for assistance.

Just a note that at home I have same VS with same extensions and there I don't have any problems with VA. I cannot figure out, what can interfere thee in the office's machine with VA.
feline Posted - Sep 29 2022 : 07:05:11 AM
I am fairly sure I have spoken to other users who use VSColorOutput64 without any problems. I don't recognise BuildVision, but reading the description, it doesn't sound like a plugin that would obviously cause concern.

The solution size is respectable, but not that large, certainly not large enough to suggest problems due to solution size.

The Alt-O problem is really strange. When you are seeing this problem, if you open VA's Open File in Solution dialog (Alt-Shift-O) and filter for "foo" are you still seeing the correct, and expected, list of files?

If you place the keyboard caret into some blank space, outside of a function body, and look at VA's Context and Navigation fields, is the correct file name and path being shown? These fields are normally found at the top of the editor window and are where the Alt-M list appears from. If somehow VA has become confused about which file is the current file then this could help to explain the problem.

Are you only working on files inside your solution? Or are you opening quite a lot of files from outside your solution?

Are you jumping between different versions of your solution, for example different branches in source control, so two different, but similar, solutions?

I just don't understand what would be driving some of the problems you are seeing, this is really strange and rather concerning.
bishopnator Posted - Sep 29 2022 : 02:36:37 AM
yes, I tried to restart computer, updated VAX to the latest version, rebuild symbol databases but it is still occurring. The solution is bigger - we have 71 projects in it with really many files (8590). The Alt+O if it gets to the wrong state, switches between files in the same folder with similar names (not identical) -> like switching from foo.h to fooImpl.cpp instead of jumping to foo.cpp (we have many files like foo.h, foo.cpp, fooImpl.h, fooImpl.cpp).

I have also other extensions installed: VSColorOutput64 and BuildVision.

I will try to disable IDE Intellisense - I forgot about it. I let's you know.
feline Posted - Sep 28 2022 : 12:41:33 PM
At the risk of asking a stupid question, have you tried rebooting yet? It almost sounds like a resource problem, where the IDE or VA is running out of resources over time, but that doesn't make much sense, especially not in VS2022.

Are you just working in C++ or other languages as well?

Do you have any other extensions installed? I am wondering if there could be some odd interaction problem at work between VA and something else.

To try and get a sense of scale, how many files do you have in your solution?

If you open VA's Open File in Solution dialog (Alt-Shift-O) the title bar contains two numbers. The first number is the number of files currently listed, which changes as you filter the list. The second number is the total number of files in the list, which is normally the number of files in your solution. What is this second number?

For Alt-O, does the random file that gets open even have a similar file name? If you have several pairs of files with the same name, for example:


VA tries to pair them up, so it knows which one goes with which other one, but I can see how this could get confused.

Can you please try disabling IDE intellisense via:

IDE tools menu -> Options -> Text Editor -> C/C++ -> Advanced -> IntelliSense -> Disable IntelliSense = True

and also trigger a VA symbol database rebuild via:

VA Options -> Performance -> Rebuild symbol databases

and then restart the IDE. It's possible this will help.

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