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T O P I C    R E V I E W
asitrela Posted - Jan 06 2022 : 1:38:43 PM
After updating VS 2022 Community Preview to version 17.1.0 Preview 2.0, extensions produced warning/error on startup, not being sure of this being due to extensions, I tried repairing the VS edition.

Note: The warning is about not loading microsoft.visualstudio.testtools.testcasemanagement.qualitytoolspackage correctly, referring me to "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\VisualStudio\17.0_########\ActivityLog.xml".

After the repair, extensions got removed as well of course. From this point on VA_X_SetupXXXX_0.exe has just shown the hour-glass. But no window of any kind appears, regardless of VS being open or not, and the installation is not starting/ is not successful.

Making sure it is not the VS version, I tried to install VS 2022 Community 17.0.4 alongside the Preview (even removed the Preview not to render VAX installer choose between the VS versions in the background and fail) without any success regarding VAX installation.

(But noticed that the warnings could be somehow related to ReSharper C++ extension(used alongside VAX previously without any problems besides a small lag), because after its installation on the fresh VS setup, the warning from before occurs right away.)

At the marketplace I found a VSIX version of the earlier 2420 VAX build. But it does not install due to lack of version support according to the logs. So updating from that build to the latest does not seem to be an option.

Any solutions/workarounds? Even some info about what the Setup executable checks that can make it stop/not start without any notice.

** Edited by Feline **

SOLUTION - if you are seeing this problem then you have probably installed a fairly recent build of Visual Studio 2022.� If so then you are running into a bug that causes our older exe installers to crash when they try to work out which versions of Visual Studio you have installed.

To work around this can you please right click on the exe installer, select Properties, and go to the Compatibility tab in the properties dialog.� If you enable "Compatibility mode" and set it to run in compatibility mode for Windows 7 the installer will load and run without any problems.
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Qwick Posted - Jun 16 2023 : 04:32:40 AM
YES solved
feline Posted - Jun 14 2023 : 07:33:44 AM
Assuming that Visual Assist is shown as an installed and enabled extension in the dialog:

IDE tools menu -> Extensions and Updates...

Then I know what is going wrong, and this is easy to fix, once you know how. The first step is to export your default profiles IDE settings, since the fix resets your current settings.� This is done via:

IDE tools menu -> Import and Export Settings -> Export selected environment settings

Now you need to close all instances of the IDE and locate the directory where your default profile is stored.� This will be:

where xxxxx is a hash, so its machine specific.� There should only be one directory matching this pattern.

If you look inside this directory you should see a file called "privateregistry.bin".� You need to delete this file, which will be recreated next time you load the default profile. You will either get the default IDE settings or your online synced IDE settings, if you have enabled this option.� So you may well want to import your exported IDE settings, to restore your preferred settings.

When you do so all of your installed extensions will still be installed, but they will be Disabled, so you need to go into the dialog:

IDE tools menu -> Extensions and Updates...

and Enable them.� This will require an IDE restart to take effect.

At this point Visual Assist should be active and working normally.
Qwick Posted - Jun 13 2023 : 09:43:07 AM
Hi I have similar problem with VS2017 and VA2353.
After installation of VS2017 I tried install VA235 but installer doesn't run.
If I run VA installer in Win7 compatbility mode it works, but there is no "VAssistX" menu in VS.
ChrisG Posted - May 16 2022 : 10:42:03 AM
^ That sounds much easier.
feline Posted - May 16 2022 : 05:47:36 AM
Alternatively, to work around this can you please right click on the exe installer, select Properties, and go to the Compatibility tab in the properties dialog.� If you enable "Compatibility mode" and set it to run in compatibility mode for Windows 7 the installer should load and run without any problems.
ChrisG Posted - May 15 2022 : 3:06:33 PM
Yes, please ping [email protected] and we can send you a VSIX installer.
Traldera Posted - May 15 2022 : 10:47:38 AM
Is there a workaround for legacy licences? I am using 2358 and now have no way of using my VAX after moving to VS2022
asitrela Posted - Jan 31 2022 : 4:12:14 PM
yeeeey :D
ChrisG Posted - Jan 31 2022 : 4:07:29 PM
This issue (case 147623) is fixed in VA build 2022.1.

feline Posted - Jan 27 2022 : 07:09:51 AM
fraggis email sent.
fraggis Posted - Jan 26 2022 : 1:27:18 PM
Same here, could you send me the links as well? Thank you!
gbehn Posted - Jan 26 2022 : 08:29:58 AM
@feline Thank you very much!
feline Posted - Jan 26 2022 : 08:18:11 AM
gbehn email sent.
gbehn Posted - Jan 26 2022 : 07:55:04 AM
Same Issue here. Had 2017, 2022 (17.1 Preview 4) as well as the non Preview Version of 2022 installed. Uninstalling Preview 4 made no difference btw.
tbraun Posted - Jan 24 2022 : 08:00:31 AM
@feline. Thanks, works now!
feline Posted - Jan 24 2022 : 05:52:53 AM
tbraun, email sent.
ChrisG Posted - Jan 22 2022 : 12:12:45 PM
Sorry everyone. If you are experiencing this issue, please upvote this developer community bug report to get this fixed!

tbraun Posted - Jan 22 2022 : 11:34:03 AM
I'm also experiencing the issue that the latest 2440 installer does not work. It looks like it crashes.

I have VS 2022 and 2017 installed. Can I also get an alternate installer?

Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2022
Version 17.0.4
Microsoft .NET Framework
Version 4.8.04084

Installierte Version: Community

Visual C++ 2022 00482-90000-00000-AA333
Microsoft Visual C++ 2022

ASP.NET and Web Tools 2019 17.0.795.42246
ASP.NET and Web Tools 2019

C#-Tools 4.0.1-1.21568.1+6ab6601178d9fba8c680b56934cd1742e0816bff
C#-Komponenten, die in der IDE verwendet werden. Abh�ngig von Ihrem Projekttyp und den zugeh�rigen Einstellungen kann eine andere Version des Compilers verwendet werden.

Linux-Kernspeicherabbild debuggen
Aktiviert das Debuggen von Linux-Kernspeicherabbildern.

Microsoft JVM Debugger 1.0
Provides support for connecting the Visual Studio debugger to JDWP compatible Java Virtual Machines

Microsoft MI-Based Debugger 1.0
Provides support for connecting Visual Studio to MI compatible debuggers

Microsoft Visual C++-Assistenten 1.0
Microsoft Visual C++-Assistenten

NuGet-Paket-Manager 6.0.1
NuGet-Paket-Manager in Visual Studio. Weitere Informationen zu NuGet finden Sie unter https://docs.nuget.org/.

ProjectServicesPackage Extension 1.0
ProjectServicesPackage Visual Studio Extension Detailed Info

Testadapter f�r Boost.Test 1.0
Aktiviert Visual Studio-Testtools mit Komponententests, die f�r Boost.Test geschrieben wurden. Nutzungsbedingungen und Drittanbieterhinweise stehen im Installationsverzeichnis der Erweiterung zur Verf�gung.

Testadapter f�r Google Test 1.0
Erm�glicht die Verwendung von Visual Studio-Testtools mit Komponententests, die f�r Google Test geschrieben wurden. Die Nutzungsbedingungen und Drittanbieterhinweise stehen im Installationsverzeichnis der Erweiterung zur Verf�gung.

TypeScript-Tools 17.0.1001.2002
TypeScript-Tools f�r Microsoft Visual Studio

VC-Paket f�r Microsoft Visual Studio 1.0
VC-Paket f�r Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Basic-Tools 4.0.1-1.21568.1+6ab6601178d9fba8c680b56934cd1742e0816bff
Visual Basic-Komponenten, die in der IDE verwendet werden. Abh�ngig von Ihrem Projekttyp und den zugeh�rigen Einstellungen kann eine andere Version des Compilers verwendet werden.

Visual C++ f�r Linux-Entwicklung
Visual C++ f�r Linux-Entwicklung

Visual C++ f�r plattform�bergreifende Mobile-Entwicklung (Android) 17.0.31822.380
Visual C++ f�r plattform�bergreifende Mobile-Entwicklung (Android)

Visual Studio-Tools f�r CMake 1.0
Visual Studio-Tools f�r CMake

Visual Studio Code-Debugadapter-Hostpaket 1.0
Interopebene zum Hosten der Visual Studio Code-Adapter in Visual Studio

Visual Studio IntelliCode 2.2
KI-gest�tzte Entwicklung f�r Visual Studio.
feline Posted - Jan 21 2022 : 06:05:18 AM
Email with the links sent, this should get you up and running nice and quickly.
Riztazz Posted - Jan 21 2022 : 03:05:11 AM
Could i ask for a link as well? I am experiencing the same issue with vs22 pro(preview), exe crashes instantly. Everything feels off without VSX :(
feline Posted - Jan 20 2022 : 06:43:58 AM
There is a problem caused by the latest VS2022 preview, VS2022 Preview 2, which is causing our exe installer to crash. So far the problem only appears if you have this preview installed. We are looking into this:


Even with the preview installed the individual VSIX installers still work. I have sent emails with the links for the individual installers.
shawnchang Posted - Jan 19 2022 : 11:57:19 PM
I have the same problem. Can you email me a workable installer?
asitrela Posted - Jan 19 2022 : 4:42:33 PM
I might be wrong but I remember that the .EXE which was not working had a different size (77841KB) from the current one(77840KB). Anyway, after a few days and a regular VS reinstall, I tried a fresh EXE (not knowing it might be new), and it works with an identical setup of VS as with which the EXE did not work.

Has anything been updated on the Whole Tomato/VAX side? If yes, what was the issue? :) Thanks in advance.
feline Posted - Jan 10 2022 : 1:13:27 PM
Confirmed, uninstalling indeed has no effect on the exe installer. The preview that keeps on giving

As for errors with other plugins, I am also seeing this problem, and on a Windows 10 test system that has never had VA installed on it, so it is something about the preview its self. Hopefully that will all be worked out soon.

As for the installers, they have moved, I just need to get my instructions updated for the new location, which will make things a bit easier for everyone.
asitrela Posted - Jan 10 2022 : 08:17:16 AM
Something is definitely wrong with the new preview because not only VAX but other plugins also have issues after the latest preview is installed. But I do not think the preview is the sole reason why exe installers do not work. Exes do not do anything even after the preview edition is removed and non-preview ones are installed. Something might have got messed up around the environment( even registry) too. But it is good news you could reproduce.

Is there an official site to get the individual vsix files, specific for VS versions, you are talking about? Because I got the one I could install for VS 2022 via support mail. And if the issue is not resolved until next VAX version release, updating might be an issue without those. :D
feline Posted - Jan 10 2022 : 07:57:19 AM
Thank you for reporting this, I have just checked on a system with several versions of Visual Studio installed, along with the latest VS2022 preview, and the exe installer doesn't do anything. I did not check this at first, never expecting the preview to have this effect.

We are looking into this, thankfully the individual installers still work as expected.
asitrela Posted - Jan 07 2022 : 2:24:47 PM
Thanks for the reply and help. I did install the VS 2019 since my last post. For it does have the VAX built in the extensions facility(VSIX), I managed to install it from within VS 2019 for that version exclusively. But somehow, even so, EXE installers terminate right away I execute them(tracked with Resource Monitor) and vanish from the services list after a few 10 seconds. The VSIX version of build 2440_0 provided separately via support mail works fine with VS 2022 though(now release/current edition, not Preview FYI).
feline Posted - Jan 07 2022 : 07:22:30 AM
Do you have any other versions of the IDE installed, or do you just have VS2022 preview and release installed?

I ran into both problems yesterday, but wasn't sure if it was just a problem with my test system or not. Partly because I am seeing the warning/error on startup sometimes even without having VA installed, so I am not quite sure what is going on there.

For the installer problem, I have put in a bug report about this:


and I am emailing you a link to the VS2022 specific installer, which works correctly for me in this situation.

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