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 Semicolon highlighting in VS 2022 Preview

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
g0blue Posted - Oct 19 2021 : 6:27:53 PM
I have a weird issue when using VAX in VS 2022 Preview (currently 6.0, started in 3.0). I have PerfWatson2 disabled to allow VAX to work.

When using the MSVC quickfind feature (Ctrl-F / F3) or next item (F4) keys to skip through a search (or other) list, all of the semicolons in my source file are highlighted. Pressing Esc a couple times will disable the highlighting.

Normally this would just be somewhat annoying, but I also use another extension to enable VIM keybindings. The VIM keybindings hijack the Esc key and so the semicolons remain permanently highlighted. That elevates this bug to super annoying. :)

I've verified that disabling VAX causes the highlighting issue to go away.
6   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
g0blue Posted - Oct 29 2021 : 2:07:51 PM
Update for the public:

After a few tests I've determined that this only happens on 1 of my 2 test systems. The highlighting bug only happens on a machine running Windows DEV Insider builds (currently 22489). My Windows 10 (21H1) machine does not exhibit this problem. Given there there is a workaround (disable "Highlight results of Quick Find and Find in Files"), I'm no longer asking Whole Tomato to investigate this issue.
feline Posted - Oct 28 2021 : 09:54:21 AM
I have the files, thank you for these:


So far though no sign of any problems here. I have replied via email, since it is a bit easier for attaching images.
g0blue Posted - Oct 27 2021 : 12:10:59 PM
Files sent.
feline Posted - Oct 27 2021 : 07:06:24 AM
Odd, I have just checked, and I already have this setting turned On here, and I cannot reproduce this effect.

Can you please export your VA and IDE settings and send them to me:

VA Options -> Performance -> Export Settings
IDE tools menu -> Import and Export Settings -> Export selected environment settings

I can then import them here and see if I can reproduce the problem. Please send me the files via email:

[email protected]

including this thread ID or URL in the description, so we can match it up.
g0blue Posted - Oct 26 2021 : 4:33:09 PM
Neither of those options were enabled to begin with. However, I did find the problem setting! It turns out that this happens when "Highlight results of Quick Find and Find in Files" is enabled. Disabling that fixed the semicolon issue.
feline Posted - Oct 20 2021 : 06:46:22 AM
Can you please try turning off:

VA Options -> Highlighting -> Highlight write and read references to symbol under cursor
VA Options -> Highlighting -> Highlight matching words when caret is in comments and strings

if this fixes this problem, can you try turning one on and one off, so we can see which of these is the trigger?

In your screen shot the symbol you are doing a find on is ending on the semi-colon, so if the keyboard caret is being placed at the end of the symbol then it will be placed next to the semi-colon. So to test this here I have tried the simple test code:

void testingHighlightSymbolAtEnd()
	short pfnLoadTile;
	pfnLoadTile = 1;
	pfnLoadTile += pfnLoadTile;
	pfnLoadTile *= pfnLoadTile;
	pfnLoadTile += pfnLoadTile;

so far though no sign of the problem here.

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