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 I get asked to register every time I start VS2019

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Greyze Posted - Aug 23 2021 : 11:03:50 AM
This problem started happening 2 weeks ago when I decided to update VAX to the latest build. Every time I start up Visual Studio I get the "Visual Assist Trial" prompt and i'm forced to register again.

I work in an offline environment so I use an offline license file (expires in 3 months). I basically have to input this file every time I restart VS. In attempting to solve this I have done;

  • Ensured all Visual Studio and VAX processes were closed before I restarted VS and re-registered

  • Closed down everything, deleted the %APPDATA%/Roaming/Embarcadero folder. Then restarted VS and registered

Problem continues after trying these. The license file is definitely being saved to the roaming folder too.

It would be a nightmare for me if I completely deleted Visual Studio or my win10 machine in an attempt to fix this. Does anyone have an idea how to snap VAX out of this register loop?

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feline Posted - Aug 25 2021 : 07:38:48 AM
Thank you for explaining what you found and how you fixed this! That really was not clear or obvious at all, and since I don't normally deal with the license side of things I had no idea this was a problem.
Greyze Posted - Aug 25 2021 : 04:51:22 AM
Sadly I have and it made no difference. Also not really a stupid question considering my workstation is a cloud VM that hasn't been restarted in months :)

Though I did manage to fix it! It seems that VAX has a problem reading license files that aren't in a specific format. It kinda seems like a bug to me but the file itself does make a mention of it.

The offline license file was given to me by our IT support team who handle software purchases. I don't exactly know what they did when they retrieved the offline license file from the Embarcadero portal, but it seems that they copypasted the license text into a new file they called "License.txt", then sent it to me.

When you click "Import license file" in the VAX registration window then the ... to explore. The file type filter is "License files (*.slip; reg*.txt). Which obviously doesn't pick up my "License.txt". I had to set it to all files for it to work.
This gave me the idea that maybe every time VAX is restarted, its not actually reading the "License.txt" correctly, even though it does the first time and it saved it to the %APPDATA%/Roaming/Embarcadero folder.

Anyway. Long story short I nosed through the license file and saw it mentioned a specific filename (reg****_**..txt) I changed the txt file to that, re registered the file and now it remembers it.

feline Posted - Aug 24 2021 : 11:53:06 AM
This might be a stupid question, but have you tried rebooting? I am wondering if a process you are not expecting to be a factor could matter here.

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