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 nav bar gets thrown off (again)

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Uniwares Posted - Apr 29 2021 : 10:10:51 AM
I have reported this already as happening when switching users, but its happened now while browsing from the VS class browser, out of nowhere in a code preview window the navbar got glued to the screen top instead of the code window.
The space where the navbar should be is with remains of the previous content.

Just reporting, make it a +1 in your bug DB. I know its one of those impossible to track down. No repro.
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feline Posted - Sep 30 2022 : 09:26:53 AM
That actually makes a LOT of sense, and its so much less intrusive than tooltips that just get in the way / distract you. I have put in a feature request for this, since I think this is a good idea:

Uniwares Posted - Sep 30 2022 : 06:36:59 AM
Suggestion: put a short info into the statusbar when the user clicks into the Alt-M textbox with the filter information. Nobody reads documention, except when there is a problem.
feline Posted - Sep 30 2022 : 05:56:33 AM
It is documented, if that helps at all:


There is a hint explaining the filtering rules in both the Find Symbol and Open File dialogs, and the basic filtering rules work in other filter fields, including filtering the VA Hashtags window, which you probably also don't know.
Uniwares Posted - Sep 29 2022 : 1:32:54 PM
Originally posted by feline

... so several different search strings separated with a space.

Damn it, after all those years I didnt know this. Why is there no tooltip telling this to people when typing in the textbox?
feline Posted - Sep 29 2022 : 1:04:04 PM
Interesting, thank you for the update. One of the triggers we found for this bug did revolve around non C++ code files.

As for the navigation bar, personally I make a lot of use of the Alt-M list. If you don't already know, you can use the same complex filtering in the Alt-M list as you can in the Open File dialog, so several different search strings separated with a space. It can make it much easier to find the method you want in longer files
Fulg Posted - Sep 29 2022 : 11:42:33 AM
Thanks for the workaround. Since I was affected I did not restart VS and kept going, and after a few more debugging sessions the nav bar was just gone (not shown in the editor nor on the titlebar). Closing VS and reopening did not bring it back, neither did toggling the navbar (nor changing its position) in the VA options. In the end, closing all opened documents then opening a new one (via Open File in Solution) finally brought back the navbar.

A possibly important detail, I am accessing my work PC remotely via Citrix, it is set to 150% DPI scaling but the local system I am accessing it with is set to 100% (Citrix changes Windows settings to report 100% on connection, however some software gets it wrong sometimes and still uses 150% remotely). Prior to having a monitor that required 150% to be readable, I had never seen this behavior in VA.


EDIT: never mind the missing navbar, of course I was editing non-C++ files! :) Clearly I need more coffee. The rest is useful so I'm keeping it there.
feline Posted - Sep 28 2022 : 12:57:48 PM
The bug report for this:


is one we are still working on. We have had some problems reproducing it on demand at first, but did find a couple of reliable methods. It can feel very random, when this does and does not happen. Currently aren't sure about the root cause of the problem. But we have discovered that turning Off:

IDE tools menu -> Options -> Environment -> General -> Optimize rendering for screens with different pixel densities (requires restart)

seems to stop this from happening. So if that is a setting that doesn't apply to your system you might want to try turning it off and see if it helps.
Fulg Posted - Sep 28 2022 : 09:16:09 AM
Hello, it seems this bug is still occurring on VS2019 with the latest VA version. I have not managed to isolate what triggers it, most of the time I am not affected but it's been happening a couple of times already.

Note that I don't actually have to use the navigation bar (in fact I rarely use it, heresy I know!), this just "happens" eventually after using VS for a long time and after many successive debugging sessions spread out over several days. Closing VS and reopening the same solution is enough to work around the issue.

feline Posted - May 05 2021 : 07:59:37 AM
Sadly I am not optimistic for a simple fix. I have put this under the same bug report as the "version" of this bug that is triggered when opening a "*.designer.cs" file with an error. Our developers had had one look at this already, and were not able to identify the root cause of the bug.

Needing Windows 10 into safe mode to help trigger on demand, this does not suggest a simple situation to my mind.
Uniwares Posted - May 05 2021 : 04:05:55 AM
Well, thats good news. Lets hope for a simple fix.
feline Posted - May 04 2021 : 1:45:51 PM
I can reproduce on a system where the RevDeBug extension was never installed, but its "fragile". Starting with a clean system, the exact order of opening your Q7 solution, importing your IDE settings, and installing VA seems to matter.

With rebooting the "clean" test system into safe mode I can reproduce the bug on demand, but it only happens, reliably, the first time I preview a file via Class View.

On my system with your extensions and "Winaero Tweaker" I can reproduce all of the time, but again only in Windows 10 safe mode.

Messy, but reliably reproducing is what matters. I have added all of this to the bug report.

Thank you for your patience in getting here.
Uniwares Posted - May 04 2021 : 11:32:27 AM
Possibly, but i have this extension disabled though. Not that that means much, I have a case of CodeMaid not working correctly because a disabled extension swallows window change notifications and saves changed files when switching tabs. But on the other hand, in my clean profile, the RevDeBug extension is not even installed.
feline Posted - May 04 2021 : 11:25:38 AM
I have just reproduced the problem. I rebooted my Windows 10 system into safe mode, and then loaded VS2019.

This produced an error message about the RevDeBugViewerPackage not loading correctly, which I just accepted and ignored. Open a file from class view window, and the problem appears.

I need to run more tests now to try and reproduce with a smaller set of changes from a clean base state. But I don't get why this happens for me in safe mode but not normally! The message makes me think that the RevDeBugViewerPackage is somehow a factor, so that's going to be an early test.
Uniwares Posted - May 04 2021 : 11:19:44 AM
Interesting: i managed to get a .cs file in preview from the solution explorer totally WITHOUT the VA navbar and WITHOUT the empty space. Alt+M wouldnt open anything. But, after clicking into the file, the navbar would return as normal. Had something to do with floating tabs, not sure what.
Uniwares Posted - May 04 2021 : 11:03:50 AM
Actually, no. When I enable "Preview selected" in the solution explorer it happens too, when selecting any file.
Uniwares Posted - May 04 2021 : 10:57:47 AM
I tested now a new VS profile, only extension installed is VA (besides the default VS extensions). Same thing. With the VS navbar enabled, or without. Dark Theme or light, always the same effect. But the VS class viewer is the only place from where this is always reproducible.
Uniwares Posted - May 04 2021 : 10:24:11 AM
Windows 10 Home, 20H2, 19042.928, Asus Drivers all over, 1 external monitor (its a notebook, not using the built-in one, but same effect on any monitor and resolution), no high refresh, all drivers updated. No other system software that might change the system, besides a bunch of device drivers for special external devices (barcode readers, industry cameras, etc). But none of those should really matter.

What I was thinking about now, could it be that side-by-side installations of VS versions have an influence? Currently I do have VS 2019 Community 16.9.4, Visual Studio Code and VS2019 16.10 preview 2.1 installed. All with the same extensions (where possible).
feline Posted - May 04 2021 : 09:49:17 AM
I have your VA settings as well, thank you for these. Still no sign of the problem here.

OK, since you are seeing the problem with a test profile, and its not solution specific, it suggests the trigger / condition lies outside of the IDE.

I am testing on Windows 10 Pro, version 20H2, OS build 19042.964

How many monitors are you using?
Are you using a high refresh rate on one of your monitors?
Any other system software, apart from "Winaero Tweaker" that might be a factor?

Are all of your drivers up to date?
Uniwares Posted - May 04 2021 : 09:21:59 AM
The reg key hack doesnt change anything at all. Maybe its something related to windows settings? anything is possible.
Uniwares Posted - May 03 2021 : 04:18:20 AM
Settings sent. The problem is not solution specific, happens equally in other C# projects (.NET core, Framework 4.8, Framework 5.0).
Now I just ran the same test in a new profile. Only the default VS extensions installed, with exactly the same results - when opening from the Class View, the navbar is off.
feline Posted - Apr 30 2021 : 12:26:41 PM
I have the recording, thank you for this. This is really easy for you to reproduce, but still no sign of the problem here, even with your latest settings.

A couple of random thoughts. First, is this solution specific by any chance? It seems unlikely, but not impossible.

A second thought. Can you please export your VA settings before this test:

VA Options -> Performance -> Export Settings

There is a rare bug where the Alt-M list is drawn far to short, only enough height for 2 or 3 items, regardless of how many items it actually contains. I have never really managed to reproduce this, but have discovered that, somehow, deleting the VA settings via regedit, and deleting:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Whole Tomato\Visual Assist X\VANet16
the "problem" with this solution is that exporting and importing these registry keys doesn't let me reproduce the problem. Since you are also seeing a problem with the display of the navigation bar, and the Alt-M list position, its a quick test.
Uniwares Posted - Apr 30 2021 : 04:26:35 AM
I've sent you a screen recording detailing the process and effects. Included are the actual VS settings.
feline Posted - Apr 29 2021 : 12:37:57 PM
Are you searching / filtering class view, or just scrolling through it?

Opening items from the top half of class view, the tree control, or the bottom half, the list of members?

So far no sign of the problem here, using your settings and extensions. But I am just picking out classes somewhat at random from the tree control.
Uniwares Posted - Apr 29 2021 : 11:24:33 AM
Actually when using the VS class view to open a file in preview mode, this seems pretty frequent. Or it may just be that VS is now in an unstable state? using VS 16.9.4 now. No, just restarted VS, loaded a project and went right into the class browser. No VA navbar when opening a class from there. Maybe you can repro this?
feline Posted - Apr 29 2021 : 11:18:01 AM
Strange that this is happening with different triggers. I was able to reproduce this, just, when opening a "*.designer.cs" file with an error. I have added this situation to the bug report:


so far we have not been able to find the root cause of the bug, which is always frustrating, but we are aware of this.

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