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 Snippet frequently fails substitution.

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
amoldeshpande Posted - Aug 12 2020 : 5:34:10 PM
I have this snippet:

typedef $BaseClassName$ Super;
$ClassName$() = delete;
$ClassName$(TWeakObjectPtr<class SomObject>c): Super(c){}
virtual const TCHAR* GetName() const override {return TEXT("$ClassName$");}

I usually have to type "typ" and the choice for this snippet shows up.

Frequently (about half the time), it will fail to fill in the BaseClassName and I will just end up with

typedef Super;

Edit: Forgot to mention that if I wait a little while, the snippets fill in correctly, so it looks like some sort of parsing issue. I am including the base class header, of course.
Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2019
Version 16.7.0

Visual Assist 10.9.2385.3
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7   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
feline Posted - Sep 10 2020 : 06:41:13 AM
I do most of my tests in various virtual machines, so not super fast.

When you see this problem, is VA's syntax colouring up to date? What about what is being shown in VA's context and definition fields? If VA has not managed to catch up with the new class yet this would explain where the problem is coming from, but if so, there should be other signs of this.
amoldeshpande Posted - Sep 09 2020 : 12:56:15 PM
Sorry for the late reply. It is always in newly created classes as far as I can remember.

You may have to try it with an older computer or with fewer cores (I have an i5 4670K Haswell Quad-Core CPU). You would think 3.4 GHz should be more than enough, but I've found that to not be the case.

feline Posted - Aug 17 2020 : 12:52:38 PM
I have been trying this snippet, triggered by the shortcut "base", in the same pre-release version of VA as you, and so far I cannot reproduce the problem here.

Do you remember if you only saw this in newly created classes? Or also existing classes, where VA should have no problems knowing the base class to expand?

Since the bug seems to be tied to the version of VA for you, I was expecting to be able to reproduce this by now in my tests.
amoldeshpande Posted - Aug 13 2020 : 11:33:56 AM
it may be a regression in the pre-release version of VA that I'm using, since I could not reproduce it with the released version that I just tried. Something to watch out for, I guess.
feline Posted - Aug 13 2020 : 10:26:43 AM
I have the log files, thank you for these:

feline Posted - Aug 13 2020 : 10:25:44 AM
When you see this problem are you working in a newly created class, or is the class you are working in an existing class?

If this is a newly created class that you have just defined then it is possible VA has not yet parsed enough to know what the base class is.

The other theory to explain this problem is that it is related to the "context" where you are typing the snippet shortcut. For example, if the code is still being written, it is possible that VA is not able to correctly parse it, for example if you have non matching curly braces, which would lead VA to not know the correct scope / context for your current situation.
amoldeshpande Posted - Aug 12 2020 : 5:45:40 PM
Email sent to support with logs for the most recent repro.

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