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 Autocomplete not working UE4 visualstudio 2019

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Invidelis Posted - May 02 2020 : 1:56:49 PM
Hello, I wanted to try VAX for UE4 to get an autocompletition function similar to mono c#.

I haven't seen a good example of it working yet and am wondering if it is even working/viable for UE4.

When I try to get a UE_LOG to autocomplete it won't at all suggest anything close or at all to complete.

Do I have to do some settings beyond enableing support for UE4...) and source of c/c++ content: visual assist ?

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feline Posted - May 25 2020 : 06:46:08 AM
Ouch, sorry you had to jump through so many hoops to fix this problem. So far in my Unreal Engine testing with VA I have never run into a problem like that. Based on my results and experiences the directory link should have fixed the problem, but obviously something else was going on here.
Invidelis Posted - May 22 2020 : 2:05:47 PM
Hello, (I wasnt able to reply the previous week)

I fixed it by doing a complete reinstallation of my epics game launcher and deinstalled the UE4 versions beforehand. Installed it in the default "C" directory. For my existing projects I had to rebuild the visual studio files. and also for VSX to completely work disable and enable it in the old projects to recognize all the UE4 directories. For new projects it worked out of the box then.

Thanks for the help

feline Posted - May 11 2020 : 08:35:46 AM
Thank you for this. Are you able to edit the:


files for this test project to point at your junction directory on C drive, and see if this makes any difference?

If this does not make any difference, which seems likely now, would you be able to send me a copy of this test solution, along with your VA and IDE settings, which I can try here, to see why this isn't helping you, but works for me in my tests.

VA Options -> Performance -> Export Settings
IDE tools menu -> Import and Export Settings -> Export selected environment settings

I will email you about uploading the files, since they are likely to be to big to email.
Invidelis Posted - May 11 2020 : 07:42:17 AM
I do have two engine versions (2.24 and 2.21) Both in the same base directory, just the version folder differs.

I created a new default map, no starter content for mobile/tablet. I also created a default c++ class. VSx still doesn't add any ue4 related paths under C/C++ Directories.
feline Posted - May 11 2020 : 07:02:50 AM
The general problem with Unreal Engine is that it is complex. It is fairly normal to have several different versions of Unreal Engine installed on your system at once, and different game projects use different versions of Unreal Engine. UE is listed as part of the solution, but we want / need to handle it as a stable include directory that is not actually part of your solution.

In general VA handles UE fairly well, so I am not sure why this is going wrong here.

Let's go back and start at the beginning.

In Epic Launcher, how many versions of Unreal Engine do you have installed on your system? If more than one, are they installed to the same base directory, so the only difference in their install directories is the version number of the engine? Or are they installed in more different directories?

Do you have time to create a new, default, simple Unreal Engine game project, and add a single C++ class to this game project? This will produce a small and simple test case to study. I tend to make a tablet game, with scale-able 3D or 2D graphics and no starter content for these tests.
Invidelis Posted - May 10 2020 : 4:24:40 PM
Hello, the approach you suggested didn't work for me. I was wondering what the usual installation case would be.

Installing UE4 engine versions in the c-directory? This sounds awfully wastefull ressource wise since nowadays C is reserved for an ssd with your OS and has limited space.

Do you think installing an engine version separately on C would fix this and visualX would then find the missing directory links?

CHeers. Appreciate the help. I'd love to get this running properly
feline Posted - May 04 2020 : 2:28:14 PM
I think I have a work around for what you are seeing. First can you please close all instances of the IDE, and then create the directory

C:\Program Files\Epic Games
Open a command prompt inside this directory, and run the command:

mklink /J UE_4.24 "D:\UE4.24"

Where the second path is the directory where you have installed / placed Unreal Engine. This will create a directory link inside the Windows file system, so while Unreal Engine will appear to exist inside this Program Files sub-directory, is still where it was originally installed.

Now make sure all instances of the IDE are closed, and then go into the directory that holds your game solution. From here you should find in the following files:


Open both files in a text editor, and do a search and replace for the old Unreal Engine path to the new Unreal Engine path, so in this case search


And turn all instances into:

"C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.24\"

Save the changes and now reload the IDE and your solution.

Does this help?
Invidelis Posted - May 04 2020 : 12:10:32 PM
I use the Epic Launcher

It's not installed on my primary path, its on a different drive "D:".

I opened a different project, sadly it's also not picking up any UE related path's
feline Posted - May 04 2020 : 11:26:46 AM
This helps to explain the problems you are seeing, for some reason VA is not picking up that you are working with Unreal Engine.

How have you installed UE? Did you download and install the Epic launcher, or download and compile the Unreal Engine source code from github?

What path is Unreal Engine installed to? Is it on your primary C drive or installed to a different drive?

Do you have more than one Unreal Engine project on your system? If so can you please try opening a different project and see if you get the same results there, or different results?
Invidelis Posted - May 04 2020 : 08:17:19 AM
Hello feline,

Under Unreal Engine:
check - Enable support for Unreal Engine 4(UE4)
check - When a solution contains a project named UE4
check - Enable Enhanced Syntax Coloring -on
check - Suggest VA Snippets inside UE4 macros -on

Under C/C++Directories:

it's indeed project defined with system include files
But the list of path's does not include a single path pointing at a Epic Games\UE_version directory (included screenshot)

feline Posted - May 04 2020 : 06:59:30 AM
First lets check the basics. Which version of VA are you using?

If you go to:

VA Options -> Unreal Engine -> Enable support for Unreal Engine 4

what is this set to?

Assuming this is turned On, do you have:

VA Options -> Unreal Engine -> Enable Enhanced Syntax Coloring in UE4 macros
VA Options -> Unreal Engine -> Suggest VA Snippets inside UE4 macros

On or Off?

When you have your Unreal Engine solution loaded, if you go to:

VA Options -> C/C++ Directories

how is this page set? I am expecting your platform to be "Project defined" and the list of system include files to include all of the directories for Unreal Engine, so a long list of directories, in the form:

C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.23\Engine
If this isn't working as I have explained, or you have Unreal Engine support turned off, then this would explain why listboxes aren't working as expected.
Invidelis Posted - May 02 2020 : 5:36:05 PM
Update: I think in some cases it just doesn't work. After trying to create some functions and code some behaviors it worked way better then initially . So i guess I jumped the gun a bit.

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