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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Steve Peters Posted - Mar 04 2020 : 12:29:43 PM
Every time I open an Unreal Engine project in VS 2019, VA parses the project.
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feline Posted - Mar 25 2020 : 06:05:10 AM
Is your solution, or version of Unreal Engine, being updated? Shutting down or rebooting the computer should have no effect on VA, but if you are also doing a source control update at the same time then this would help to explain why VA thinks something has changed.

If you watch the status bar messages, at the bottom of the IDE window, is VA parsing just your solution, or is it also parsing the Unreal Engine source code as well? Since you have not compiled the Unreal Engine from source code, the engine its self should not be changing on a daily basis.

If you turn On:

VA Options -> Coloring and Attributes -> Show stable symbols in italics

are Unreal Engine symbols being shown in Italic? I want to make sure that VA is picking up your Unreal Engine library as a set of stable include directories.
Steve Peters Posted - Mar 24 2020 : 12:57:43 PM
I'm using VS 2019, unreal engine 4.24, and VA 2366.

All other info is essentially the same. It only seems to parse if I shut the computer down for the night. If I close and reopen the project it doesn't parse.
feline Posted - Mar 09 2020 : 07:26:04 AM
I am going to describe what I have here, for a newly created, default C++ First Person shooter Unreal project, which VA understands quite happily. Can you please compare this with what you have on your system, and see if there are any obvious differences that might help to explain why this is not working for you.

I am using VS2017 and VA 2366.0

The solution was generated in the default location of:

C:\Users\colin\Documents\Unreal Projects\CppFirstPerson
so I have the two files:

C:\Users\colin\Documents\Unreal Projects\CppFirstPerson\CppFirstPerson.sln
C:\Users\colin\Documents\Unreal Projects\CppFirstPerson\CppFirstPerson.uproject

the SLN file references the two project files:

C:\Users\colin\Documents\Unreal Projects\CppFirstPerson\Intermediate\ProjectFiles\CppFirstPerson.vcxproj
C:\Users\colin\Documents\Unreal Projects\CppFirstPerson\Intermediate\ProjectFiles\UE4.vcxproj

The "CppFirstPerson.vcxproj" file references the source code inside this project directory, as expected.

The "UE4.vcxproj" file references the Engine source code inside:

..\..\..\..\..\..\..\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.20\Engine
which gives me the absolute path:

C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.20\Engine
When I load Visual Studio 2017 and look at Solution Explorer, the solution says it contains 2 projects, the very first line in Solution Explorer, the root of the tree.
Steve Peters Posted - Mar 07 2020 : 12:30:40 AM
The project was built with the Unreal Editor, and I have not compiled the source code. The engine folder is in the solution in VS
feline Posted - Mar 06 2020 : 2:43:25 PM
How have you downloaded Unreal Engine? Have you downloaded and installed the Epic Games Launcher, and installed the Unreal Engine editor from here?

Or did you download the source code for Unreal Engine, compile it, and launch the engine from here?

How did you create your current solution? Was it created via the Unreal Editor, or some other method?

Inside Visual Studio, if you show Solution Explorer, do you have an "Engine" project holding a UE4 folder inside your project?
Steve Peters Posted - Mar 05 2020 : 5:24:50 PM
Under VA Options->C?C++ Directories there are no Unreal Engine directories
feline Posted - Mar 05 2020 : 06:27:25 AM
When you say VA parses the project, do you mean your game project, or the Unreal Engine project, or both?

Which version of VA are you using?

Do you have:

VA Options -> Unreal Engine -> Enable support for Unreal Engine 4

turned On or Off?

If you look in:

VA Options -> C/C++ Directories

are your Unreal Engine directories being listed in the list of stable include directories? They should be, but I wonder if they are not being listed.

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