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 How to Make Goto Implementation skip the menu

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
ikrima Posted - Nov 11 2019 : 09:37:01 AM
Is there a way to make Goto Implementation (or maybe another command) that will automatically go to the implementation and skip showing the menu? (If the implementation is selected, it would be nice if it automatically went to the declarationn)

90% of the time I click GoTo implementation, I want it to go to the function definition
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ikrima Posted - Dec 20 2019 : 4:34:26 PM
sean Posted - Dec 20 2019 : 2:25:36 PM
case=66885 is implemented in build 2358 via a new setting on the Goto page of the VA Options dialog that controls the behavior of Goto (Alt+G).
feline Posted - Nov 13 2019 : 06:36:08 AM
This makes more sense. I was not sure how literally / strictly to take the "implementation and only implementation" nature of the command. I have put a note onto the case explaining this.
ikrima Posted - Nov 12 2019 : 5:01:09 PM
Ah, i meant if the cursor was on the function name, it would be smart enough to realize that and go to the declaration (ie keep this specific behavior from the current Alt+G command) bc obviously if the user is pressing the command and is already on the implementation, they don't need it to go stay on the implementation. It's a small but nice Quality of life/polish bit

feline Posted - Nov 12 2019 : 2:27:53 PM
This makes sense, but in your original post you wrote:

>> If the implementation is selected, it would be nice if it automatically went to the declaration

a command to only and directly go to the implementation, by default, won't do anything when triggered on the implementation, so I was wondering what you were asking for here.
ikrima Posted - Nov 12 2019 : 11:41:22 AM
Me personally: I'd swap alt+g to go to implementation. 90% of the time I'm trying to jump to the implementation. Going to the declaration is a rarity.
- If I do need to pop up to the header, i'd pay the cognitive cost to jump to the implementation, alt+g again to hop to the header. Nerdy analogy: just like a branch predictor, speculative jump, and then rollback 10% when wrong :P
- Most of this is annoying bc UE4 is very inheritance heavy, so going jump to derived jumps to a header, and then have to jump again to the implementation
- If I do want to jump to the headers directly or declaration, I'd use Alt+Shift+G to bring up the menu

So i'd never use the old command which is why i thought maybe having it as a toggle/registry key vs. a new command

Hope that helps!
feline Posted - Nov 12 2019 : 09:44:33 AM
How would you see this working?

If there is a separate command to go directly to the Implementation, lets call it Alt+Ctrl+G, what would you expect to need to do if you then wanted to jump to the definition? Use the normal Alt-G command as usual, or use the same command again, but this time it works differently?
ikrima Posted - Nov 11 2019 : 1:47:56 PM
I guess then I'd like to +1 case=66885 to be implemented; would be super helpful.

re: decl/def
Yup, the toggling between declaration/definition works if the function name is in the caret.
Was referring when case=66885 gets implemented, that it still maintains this functionality

feline Posted - Nov 11 2019 : 1:16:17 PM
Which IDE and version of VA are you using?

If you have the caret in the function name for the definition then Alt-G should take you directly to the implementation, without showing you any menu. And this works the other way as well. Is this not working for you?

We don't currently have a command to take you directly to the implementation, skipping the Alt-G menu, but we are considering adding this command:


For now, the implementation should always be the first item in the menu, which is selected by default, so if you just press Enter without considering what the menu has to say this should have the same effect. I know it's not as smooth, but hopefully it will help.

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