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 Crash when closing solution [UE4]

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Sixmorphugus Posted - Sep 26 2019 : 06:04:36 AM

I've recently updated to a newer version of Visual Studio 2019 (0.16.3), and then another ( trying to fix this bug. The bug only happens in Visual Studio versions above 0.16.3 when Visual Assist is installed and has parsed all files.

The bug causes Visual Studio to freeze indefinitely when unloading the Unreal Engine project. It essentially crashes and has to be closed with the task manager. This means that I have to wait for VA to re-parse the entire engine every time I open the solution, before I can start work.

In addition to breaking VA, Visual Studio 0.16.3 broke my compiler, so I'm really not happy with this update at all. Fortunately, I can downgrade the compiler. Unfortunately, I cannot downgrade Visual Studio, as this is only available to Professional and Enterprise customers and I am a student using Community. So I would really appreciate a fix for this bug.

If there's any log file or anything I can provide please let me know.
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sean Posted - Dec 20 2019 : 2:45:58 PM
case=141298 is addressed in build 2358 and actually helps in some scenarios.
sean Posted - Sep 26 2019 : 1:09:34 PM
The behavior that controls the re-parse after crash is controlled by the registry value named VerifyDbOnLoad. It defaults to 01. You can change it to 00 to prevent the check.

The issue is that the check can result in false positives (after abnormal termination) because it is rather naive in an attempt to be quick after normal termination. We'll see if we can do a less naive check before resorting to full reparse. case=141298
Zeblote Posted - Sep 26 2019 : 11:09:45 AM
Why does VA have to re-parse everything every time VS crashes doing something completely unrelated? Can it not save the result as soon as it finishes parsing?
ChrisG Posted - Sep 26 2019 : 10:28:17 AM
Interesting. Thank you for telling me.
Sixmorphugus Posted - Sep 26 2019 : 10:27:01 AM
I've just established that this is a VS 2019 16.3.1 bug, not a VA bug. When the project has been open for long enough, unloading it or changing the configuration leads to the crash.
ChrisG Posted - Sep 26 2019 : 10:20:57 AM
Thanks for the info.

Does the freeze / crash happen consistently for you if you wait long enough?
Sixmorphugus Posted - Sep 26 2019 : 09:09:08 AM

I am using Visual Assist 10.9.2341.2.
I am using Unreal Engine 4.22.
I build Unreal from source, so from Github.
The install path for Unreal Engine is U:\BrickadiaStuff\UnrealEngine.
The install path for my game is U:\Brickadia\.

The crash does not happen if I close the solution immediately, only when it has been open long enough for VA to parse everything.
ChrisG Posted - Sep 26 2019 : 07:42:29 AM
I'm going to try and repro this, I have a few questions.

What version of Visual Assist are you using?
What version of the Unreal Engine are you using?
Did you install the Unreal Engine using the Epic Games launcher or built from GitHub?
What is the install path of the Unreal Engine?
What is the path to your game?

If you would feel more comfortable answering these questions in private, please contact [email protected] and we can continue the conversation over email.

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