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 Corrupted function signature in tooltip popup

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
tjcbs Posted - Oct 12 2014 : 9:36:47 PM
This seems pretty common for me.

The real signature is:

template<class t, int32_t grow = 5, bool bDelete = false>
class tlArray
   bool find(const t& val, int32_t* idxOut = NULL);

VS2008, 10.9.2048.0
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accord Posted - Aug 18 2015 : 2:31:14 PM
Unfortunately, we did not get to this yet.
tjcbs Posted - Aug 13 2015 : 7:42:06 PM
Any progress on this?
tjcbs Posted - Oct 17 2014 : 12:30:02 AM
Of course, sorry! It still reproduces the same for me with that fixed.
feline Posted - Oct 16 2014 : 11:41:18 PM
It depends on exactly what is happening, but in the project you sent me, the header file does not open from Solution Explorer, since it was pointing at "..\\..\\Dropbox\\tgl\\tgl\\tlPool.h"

So if you have VA set to parse all files in a directory it looks at, then this reference will set VA to parsing more files.

I have your test project, thank you for that, I am currently looking at it to see what I can make of the situation.
tjcbs Posted - Oct 15 2014 : 02:17:13 AM
Wait a minute, the result is being contaminated by VA knowing about the real project. I cleared and rebuilt VA, and restarted the computer, and still VA is pulling in files from the real project. I don't have the projects paths in VA's or VS's include paths. How do I get around this?
tjcbs Posted - Oct 15 2014 : 01:59:53 AM
Worked first time! Project sent.
feline Posted - Oct 15 2014 : 12:31:59 AM
Are you seeing this problem every time? So far I am not able to reproduce this here, so its possible the file context matters.

If you have the time, can you try making a new default C++ console project, and then copy the header and cpp file you are using here into the new project. There is no need to try and make this compile, I am just wondering if you can reproduce this problem like this. If so, would you be able to send me this new, test project? I realise this is often not possible, but its worth asking on the off chance.

If this does reproduce the problem, and you are able to send me the files, please submit the files via the form:


including this thread ID or URL in the description, so we can match it up.
tjcbs Posted - Oct 14 2014 : 8:46:36 PM
Some more "interesting" behavior, with the tooltip pulling in neighboring code:

This is some seriously complex behavior.
Note the ';' following the '(' after "mLinks".
Omit the ';', and with '(' the tooltip fails to appear.
In sequence:
(1) ';', then '(': Tooltip appears with 2 options, 1st correct, 2nd spurious.
(2) delete '(', then '(': Tooltip appears, only with spurious version. (as screenshot)
(3) delete "(;", then '(': A refactoring popup appears as below

The template in question is not complex:

template <class t>
class tlPool
   tlPool(uint32_t bucketSize = 100, const char* pDebugName = "anon");
feline Posted - Oct 14 2014 : 12:21:04 AM
This is a strange problem, most tooltips should display correctly.

The bug database is private, but this thread should be updated when the bug is fixed, and you can ask for an update if it takes a while, as happens with some bugs.

We do try to provide solid support, this is a complex tool and area, so there are things that can go wrong, and things that need to be considered.
tjcbs Posted - Oct 13 2014 : 9:20:52 PM
Just the tooltips, though I have only really started exploring some of the other VA features.

There is a publicly accessible bug database? Or are you annotating for internal use?

(and thank *you* feline for your excellent support, it is very appreciated!)
feline Posted - Oct 13 2014 : 2:23:55 PM
That is rather unexpected, thank you for the clear bug report, I am seeing the same problem here. I think this is covered by:


Are you seeing other problems with these template classes as well, or just these tooltips?

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