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 Ignore prototypes in "Goto Implementation" (Alt-G)

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
pbrown Posted - Jun 17 2013 : 5:15:14 PM
I recently had a hard drive failure and had to reinstall Windows 7 / Visual Studio 2008 / VAX. I hadn't exported my VAX settings before the failure, so needed to reconstruct by hand.

I'm having one issue with "Goto Implementation" (Alt-G) that I don't recall having before the reinstall. When I have my cursor on code that calls a C function or C++ method and hit "Alt-G", I'm presented with a popup that lets me jump to either the prototype or the implementation. I want to always go straight to the implementation, and I think that's how it used to behave for me. For example, see the following code:

class C {
  void method1(void);  // option 2
  void method2(void);

void C::method1(void)  // option 1

void C::method2(void)
    +-------- cursor here

gives me two choices instead of jumping straight to "option 1". If my cursor is on the prototype or the implementation, it jumps straight to the other, which is nice.

Is there a relevant setting in the "Visual Assist X Options" dialog? I vaguely recall an option controlling this, but can't seem to find one in build 1940. (Perhaps I'm just being really dense?)

I see a registry setting "GotoInterfaceBehavior" that seems like it might be relevant (set to 2 on my system), but can't find any documentation saying what it does.
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feline Posted - Jun 18 2013 : 6:40:48 PM
It is possible you had configured your IDE to trigger the IDE command, not the VA command, on Alt-g, so this would look fixed. Its always difficult when you are sure it used to be different, but cannot go back and work out what the difference was.

The details of this new form of Alt-g have not been worked out yet, but yes, I would expect VA to present you with a list of choices when you have an overloaded function and we are unsure of which overload you want to jump to. But you should only see the overloaded implementations, not their declarations as well.
pbrown Posted - Jun 18 2013 : 11:09:09 AM
Thanks for the quick response.

I suppose I just hallucinated the previous existence of such a feature. Maybe I used the feature infrequently enough before that I just ignored the extra selection step. Yesterday, I hit this ~5 separate times within 30 minutes, which led to this question.

| We are considering a form of VA's Alt-g that goes directly to the implementation,

I presume that the old behavior would still prevail in cases where the parser couldn't unambiguously identify a single implementation?
feline Posted - Jun 17 2013 : 9:29:50 PM
Unfortunately this is how Alt-g has always worked. If it helps, the implementation is always the first item in the list, so you can simply press Enter without stopping to study the list of options.

Alternatively you can right click the symbol and use the IDE command "Go To Declaration", or map a keyboard shortcut to the command "Edit.GoToDeclaration"

We are considering a form of VA's Alt-g that goes directly to the implementation, but I don't currently have an estimate for when this might be added:


The registry key "GotoInterfaceBehavior" has only just been added, but no, this is not going to help with your request.

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