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 Macro after function declaration again...

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
dspdeveloper Posted - Nov 16 2011 : 07:50:03 AM
This bug seems similar to this one:


I use the latest build (VA_X.dll file version 10.6.1859.0 built 2011.10.02)

If I use a macro for defining the throw() after a function declaration, the method is not recognized, first i thought the "noexcept" keyword is the problem (a fake version for older compilers) , but it seems that all lower-case macros are not working.

#define abcdef throw()
class MyClass
	int myMethod() abcdef;		// BUG: myMethod not recognized 

#define noexcept throw()		// fake versions of noexcept, for older compilers:
class MyClass2
	int myMethod() noexcept;	// BUG: myMethod not recognized 

#define ABCDEF throw()			
class MyClass3
	int myMethod() ABCDEF;		// Big case letters WORK!

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support Posted - Oct 29 2012 : 11:13:22 AM
case=62756 is fixed in build 1918
feline Posted - Apr 03 2012 : 4:46:22 PM
Unfortunately this has not yet been fixed. It is down as a high priority bug, but I don't currently have an estimate on when it will be fixed. Did you try editing your VA StdAfx.h file, and did this help at all?

This thread should be updated when this is fixed.
dspdeveloper Posted - Apr 02 2012 : 05:25:54 AM
FYI, the problem is still present with BUILD 1901 :(((
dspdeveloper Posted - Feb 03 2012 : 06:23:11 AM
Thanks! I will try that.
feline Posted - Feb 02 2012 : 6:01:15 PM
I am sorry to hear this. I have increased the priority on this bug for you.

There are a couple of things you could try in the mean time, to help. Firstly have you tried turning on:

VA Options -> Advanced -> Listboxes -> Get content from default Intellisense

This should help with listboxes, if they are more reliable from the IDE than from VA.

Another change is to edit

Edit VA's "StdAfx.h" file as explained in this FAQ entry:


and add the entries:

#define abcdef throw()
#define noexcept throw()

at the bottom, making sure there is a blank line at the end of the file. This file is used to help VA's parser with difficult code, and can be used to work around some odd effects. After modifying this file you need to rebuild the VA symbol database for the changes to take effect:

VA Options -> Performance -> General -> Rebuild symbol databases

This did not fully fix the problems for me, but it did help a bit.
dspdeveloper Posted - Feb 02 2012 : 02:55:44 AM
That for your answer, but that makes me really sad, i renewed my license because of this (and the other issue i mentioned here), and now i have to disable it :( because it works more bad then internal intellisense
feline Posted - Feb 01 2012 : 7:21:23 PM
Unfortunately this has not yet been fixed, and I don't currently have an estimate for when it will be fixed. Our developers have looked at this, and are aware of it, but it is not yet clear how easy this will be to fix without breaking something else.
dspdeveloper Posted - Feb 01 2012 : 03:18:42 AM
Will this be fixed with the next release?
feline Posted - Nov 16 2011 : 12:40:05 PM
I am seeing the same effect here. Thank you for the clear description.


I am quite surprised lower case macro's still cause this problem, but they clearly do.

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