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 navigate forward/back broken?

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
apmontgo Posted - Jan 04 2012 : 2:58:16 PM

I'm having an issue with the latest version of Visual Assist X (10.6.1862.0) that is driving me crazy! Visual Assist's versions of "Navigate Forward" and "Navigate Back" seem entirely broken:

1) Clicking on a new line several lines (20+) away from the current cursor point doesn't create a navigation mark, i.e. starting at line 1 and clicking on line 100, then clicking "navigate back" won't bring me back to line 1 (I can't really determine what it's actually doing, it seems wholly erratic)

2) Clicking back then clicking forward will not bring me back to the same place. Surely this is an obvious usability requirement!

3) Maddeningly, visual assist's navigation functions steal the mouse assignments from any macros or default implementations, so I have to disable Visual Assist to get my mouse's back/forward buttons to work.

Is there a fix for any of this other than disabling Visual Assist?

Thank you,
-- Alex
7   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
support Posted - Apr 11 2012 : 12:38:10 AM
case=63834 is implemented in build 1903

Create or modify the following DWORD value in the registry:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Whole Tomato\\Visual Assist X\\VANet10\\BrowserAppCommands

Replace "VANet10" with "VANet9" for Visual Studio 2008
Replace "VANet10" with "VANet8" for Visual Studio 2005
Replace "VANet10" with "VANet" for Visual Studio 2003
Replace "VANet10" with "VA6" for Visual C++ 6

Supported values:
0 = commands completed ignored
1 = use VA navigation (previous behavior, default value)
2 = use VS View.Navigate* commands
apmontgo Posted - Jan 09 2012 : 2:04:29 PM
Great, thanks!
accord Posted - Jan 09 2012 : 2:03:51 PM
I'm not aware of any workaround for this so I have put in a feature request for you:

apmontgo Posted - Jan 06 2012 : 2:14:21 PM
Yes, that's correct. I have another extension set up that is stomped by Visual Assist. I don't see any way to "re-steal" the functionality for my extension, but I could just be ill-informed. To be fair, I don't see any way to assign mouse buttons to particular functions in Visual Studio, so I can see why Visual Assist just goes ahead and takes it, but it *is* annoying. Is there a work around or an easy way to disable visual assist's mouse assignments?

-- Alex
accord Posted - Jan 06 2012 : 2:03:59 PM
*ah* You mean the back button of your mouse. I don't have back button on my mouse but configured my 2nd button as 4rd (back) for the test and found the following:

It seems that Visual Studio 2010 don't support back button. It does nothing when I disable VA and it is not supported according to this post:


Am I right?
Are you using a separate extension for this feature which VA "steals"?
apmontgo Posted - Jan 05 2012 : 2:51:03 PM

Thanks for the reply. I'm using Visual Studio 2010. My real problem is that I prefer the Visual Studio behavior, but the Visual Assist version grabs my mouse forward and back buttons. I definitely prefer the Visual Studio behavior (I want the carat movement clicks to be recorded as a I move through a file and am surprised that anyone wouldn't), but it's entirely possible that the Visual Assist behavior hasn't changed. What I *do* think has changed is that Visual Assist assigns that behavior to the mouse, and I don't seem to be able to turn it off. Is there a way to disable this? I love Visual Assist, but I rely on the forward/back behavior to... well... move forward and back.

-- Alex
accord Posted - Jan 05 2012 : 2:05:17 PM
Which Visual Studio version are you using?
I've just tested both with VA 1862 & 1859 and I see the same behavior: if I move the caret several times, I get the very first position when I press the VA back icon.

Which icon do you use? Or you tend to use keyboard shortcut? Isn't is possible that the keyboard shortcut has changed for some reason?

The command name for the VA version is "VAssistX.NavigateBack" and "VAssistX.NavigateForward" while the IDE versions are "View.NavigateBackward" and "View.NavigateForward"

If this behavior broke recently, do you remember which VA version were you using before 1862, when this worked differently?

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