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 In some projects Refactoring is not working

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
FWillen Posted - Mar 07 2011 : 12:36:18 PM
In some Projects Refactoring isn't working properly. In the folowing line Refactoring is working on the variable theApp but not on variable MessageString. If I select Refactor (VA X) => Find References, I will get a messagebox "Find References is not available because the symbol is unrecognized". Of Course MessageString is defined. If I click on contextmenu => Go To Define, VS will show me the correct definition line.

void wrtmess(int i,int nFNr,CString mstr)
theApp.MessageString = mstr;

I've allready rebuild the symbol databases and cleared the history, cache and temporary files.

What else can I do to make VA Refactoring working again?

My Development Enviroment:
Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition SP1 - German
Version 10.6.1837.5 built 2010.12.14
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accord Posted - Feb 26 2013 : 12:09:50 PM
I am seeing the same effect here. Thank you for the clear description:

FWillen Posted - Feb 25 2013 : 11:58:39 PM
ok, thanks,

it seems to work.

Then there ist only one thing.

Project A:
class A
long m_DatenAusgabe;
Project B:
class A
long m_Datenausgabe;

Va shows me both variables if I type in a variable of class A followed by a dot. VA should show only the correct ones.

support Posted - Feb 25 2013 : 12:21:20 PM
case=67831 is fixed in build 1929
support Posted - Feb 25 2013 : 11:58:22 AM
case=32262 is implemented in build 1929
sean Posted - Dec 18 2012 : 11:38:25 AM
work on 67831 is in progress.
FWillen Posted - Dec 18 2012 : 02:31:10 AM
thanks, it seems to work.

Then, there is only 67831 to be fixed.

Sometimes the listbox shows only the variables from the wrong class, not from both classes.

Project A:

classs CAppA
long varA;
CAppA theApp;

Project B:
classs CAppB
long varB;
CAppB theApp;

In some projects Va shows only varB if I write "theApp." in project A. If I write "theApp.varA" in Project A VisualAssist underlines VarA.
support Posted - Dec 17 2012 : 11:48:27 PM
case=56104 is fixed in build 1925
feline Posted - Sep 20 2012 : 11:17:54 AM
Unfortunately Create from Usage is still to be fixed. This is a known problem, and is covered by


This is one of those complex problems where different refactoring commands require separate fixes.
FWillen Posted - Sep 20 2012 : 07:46:51 AM
Create from usage does still create the new variable in the wrong project.
feline Posted - Sep 11 2012 : 1:21:40 PM
Unfortunately I don't currently have an estimate for when this will be fixed. These are difficult problems for us to solve, and they don't seem to be effecting many users. I do realise these are serious problems for you, and they are causing quite a few difficulties. It is sometimes difficult to prioritise the various bug reports we have to look at.
FWillen Posted - Sep 06 2012 : 12:21:56 AM
It is a high priority bug since 2011-06. Will it be fixed this year?
feline Posted - Aug 10 2012 : 12:12:46 PM
Thank you for the update, this is good news, and hopefully will help quite a bit. Unfortunately I don't currently have any estimate for when case=67831 will be fixed, but this is down as a high priority bug.
FWillen Posted - Aug 09 2012 : 02:23:39 AM

In one project, VA was always suggesting the variables of the wrong project. This is working now. I will go for vacation until the third of september. I will continue testing after my vacation.

Do you know, when case=67831 will be fixed?
support Posted - Aug 09 2012 : 02:01:38 AM
case=35401 is related to case=56104 and is fixed in build 1912
feline Posted - Jul 16 2012 : 11:20:11 AM
Thats a clear and helpful answer, searching all projects the file happens to be part of makes sense here. I have put a note onto the case about this, thank you.
FWillen Posted - Jul 16 2012 : 02:58:24 AM
For point 2, are you talking about adding a single .h file to two projects at once? We are considering adding a form of the Find References command that only searches the current project, but if you are in a file that has been added to more than one project when you trigger Find References, VA is not going to know which project you want to search.

yes, that's right. This file is used for solutions-wide constants (communication, programm constants etc.)

The best would be this procedure:
Find references for class C_2: This class C_2 is defined in two .h files, one defined in project A and the other defined in project B, => VA shows only references of class C_2, defined in project B


Find references for class C_12: This class C_12 is defined in a single .h file, included in project A and project B => VA shows references of class C_12 in both projects
feline Posted - Jul 15 2012 : 12:37:34 AM
For point 1, I have broken this down into two new, sub cases, to make it more manageable:

First the situation with two global variables, but different types, and the listbox for the global variable lists the members from both classes:


Second, the situation where you are creating an instance of a class, where there are two classes with this class name, and you are getting the members from both classes listed:


For point 2, are you talking about adding a single .h file to two projects at once? We are considering adding a form of the Find References command that only searches the current project, but if you are in a file that has been added to more than one project when you trigger Find References, VA is not going to know which project you want to search.


It looks like the Create Declaration problem is a known problem:

FWillen Posted - Jul 13 2012 : 03:46:34 AM
For point 1:
it is a global variable.
For Example this is a class LaSet differently defined in project A und B. In project B there is an instance as a global variable defined:
LaSet* pLaSet;
When I type in pLaSet->m_ in project B Suggestion will show me variable of LaSet from project A and project B.

for point 2: this is correct, I already checked this box. But it would be better if Va shows only variable of LaSet from Project B. Except a class C is defined in a global file. Example: We defined class FK as a container for enums in a global header file. This file is included in both projects. And there it is useful to show instances in all projects. Maybe a Find references in project / solution would be a short solution.

class FK
enum eFK
Mittig = 0,
Oben = 1,
Unten = 2,
feline Posted - Jul 12 2012 : 11:13:48 PM
For point 1, are you accessing these class instances via local variables in these projects? Global variables inside these projects, or something else?

Adding global variables adds a further complication, so it would be useful to know.

For point 2, to try and limit this problem, are you aware of the option:

VA Options -> Advanced -> Refactoring -> Display project nodes in Find References results

this will allow you to collapse, or simply delete unwanted projects from your Find References Results. This is not going to stop the problem happening, but it will make it a bit easier to work around when it does happen.
FWillen Posted - Jul 09 2012 : 02:28:15 AM
Hi Feline,

I wasn't present the last days.

I would say it makes sence to start at this:
1.: We have a solution with project A and B, both with class LaSet. But in one project there is a variable named m_MyVar, in the other m_Myvar. Both variable are in suggestion list.

2.: Find References should show only references in both projects if the class A is defined in one file for both projects. If there are one file for project A and one file for project B this are different classes.

3.: Create declaration creates a variable in the header of the wrong project.

best regards
Frank Willen
feline Posted - Jun 13 2012 : 11:23:51 PM
I have spoken to our developers about this, and this is a harder problem than I had realised. Each of the effected refactoring commands needs to be fixed separately, due to the way we have to structure VA to work around the IDE.

Which refactoring command is causing the most trouble? Since this needs to be tackled piece by piece, where would it be most useful for you for us to start?
FWillen Posted - Jun 07 2012 : 01:55:22 AM
Hi Feline,

one year ago you could reproduce my case. As you have mentioned often, this is a very important bug. Is there any chance that you will solve this issue?

What are you doing with a low or normal priority bug? Do you need 10 years?

best regards
feline Posted - Jan 18 2012 : 4:31:00 PM
A happy new year to you as well Unfortunately no news to report on your issue, but we are still very aware of this, and it is down as a very important bug to fix.
FWillen Posted - Jan 18 2012 : 02:19:00 AM
Hi feline,

I wish you a happy new year! Are there any news about my issue?

kevinsikes Posted - Nov 23 2011 : 11:43:30 AM
Hello Frank,

I'm sorry you are still experiencing trouble with this issue, and will contact you via your registered forum email to address your request.
FWillen Posted - Nov 23 2011 : 04:53:57 AM
Hi Feline,

can you give me a date, when you solve my issue? I'm waiting since march (since 8 month). That is much time to solve. We pay every year for support and it takes long to get a solution. Maybe we could talk about a gratis extension of our license.

feline Posted - Oct 27 2011 : 2:29:52 PM
Unfortunately no progress to report yet on this, but it is down as a high priority bug, which hopefully means it will be looked at very soon.
FWillen Posted - Oct 27 2011 : 10:34:56 AM
Excuse me for replying again, do you make any progress on case=56104? The bug is still bugging me
FWillen Posted - Sep 22 2011 : 12:39:26 AM
No, yesterday I had the problems with two symbols in different profects again. Suggesting wasn't working and I had to take a look after the correct spelling.
feline Posted - Sep 21 2011 : 2:37:01 PM
Unfortunately no progress on case=56104, which is the problem of two symbols in different projects with the same name, but it is down as a high priority bug.

Is this the problem you are seeing, or are you seeing the Alt-O problem?

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