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 Build 1836: Implement Interface - Feedback

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
dinaiz Posted - Nov 19 2010 : 02:35:27 AM
Wow ! I was just wondering how I could do that in VA X, when I saw it's just been made available in the latest beta.
Now I'm glad I choosed to download the beta instead of the official release when purchassing VA X :)

I think this feature is great, and, so far it's worked as expected for me.

I can see a good improvement though : what about implementing all interfaces at once, when using multiple inheritance ?

Like I have Class A : public class B, public class C

when the carret is on class A, it could be nice that it implements all the pure virtual methods for class B and class C.

Oh and of course, I guess adding this function to the context menu is a must, but I guess this is already planned !

Good job guys, VA X is really a must-have and this function is just great ! :)
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support Posted - Aug 09 2012 : 01:50:08 AM
case=52138 is implemented in build 1912
sean Posted - May 12 2011 : 01:27:40 AM
The override keyword can optionally be added in C++ during Implement Interface. The option is off by default. The binary registry value is named: UseOverrideKeywordInImplementInterface
support Posted - May 12 2011 : 12:45:10 AM
case=54585 is fixed in build 1848
support Posted - Mar 17 2011 : 11:44:29 PM
case=54586 is fixed in build 1845
sean Posted - Jan 28 2011 : 11:11:55 AM
Thanks for the feedback. I've opened two cases.

case=54585 : optionally add keyword override to generated declaration
case=54586 : add keyword virtual to generated declaration when it is not explicit in the base interface
haa Posted - Jan 28 2011 : 04:22:39 AM
I seems currently not possible to have VA X add the keyword "override" to the method signature.
I can't add the keyword to the snippet "Refactor Create Implementation", because it produces a method implementation block in the source file tagged with "override", which is wrong. It needs to be in the method declaration in the class header, and only there. But I did not find a snippet to specify the template for the method declaration separate from the method definition.
feline Posted - Jan 26 2011 : 11:58:20 AM
__Daniel__ I don't understand your post. Is this a feature request or bug report?
feline Posted - Jan 26 2011 : 11:54:50 AM
haa we are looking into extending this refactoring command to go further than the first base class:

__Daniel__ Posted - Jan 25 2011 : 10:43:42 AM
I use "override" keyword :)

__interface I
  void Foo();

class A : public I
  virtual void Foo() override;
haa Posted - Jan 25 2011 : 04:41:56 AM
Great feature! Thanks.

It would be even greater for us, if it would descend into the inheritance hierarchy, because we often use reflexive mixins to add standard methods to our implementations, like so:

template<typename BaseInterface>
class StandardImpl : public BaseInterface
... some standard methods ...

If we then write a regular implementation, it reads like this:

class MyImplementation : public StandardImpl<MyInterface>
... method stubs should be generated here from MyInterface and StandardImpl ...
support Posted - Jan 24 2011 : 4:01:39 PM
case=52445 is implemented in build 1840
dinaiz Posted - Nov 23 2010 : 04:34:22 AM
Great :)
sean Posted - Nov 19 2010 : 12:41:56 PM
Thanks - that is a good suggestion. It gets a bit more convoluted if we descend into the base classes, but doing all immediate base classes is probably the better next step. case=52445

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