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 Dpi per monitor support in Visual Studio 2019

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
dgallo Posted - Mar 05 2019 : 06:33:32 AM

I'm using VS 2019 RC and it's seems that the support for per monitor dpi is not active with the navigation bar :

VS 2019 RC with .net framework 4.8.0386(preview)
I've 2 monitors, one with 150% zoom and the other with 100% zoom.
The picture attached is taken on my monitor with 100%, but Visual studio was launched on the monitor with 150%.

see https://devblogs.microsoft.com/visualstudio/a-better-multi-monitor-experience-with-visual-studio-2019/

Best regards,
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sean Posted - Feb 20 2020 : 11:09:15 PM
case=137527 is fixed in build 2366.

That adds PMA support to VA Nav Bar. Updates for other UI elements are in progress.
feline Posted - Jul 19 2019 : 08:07:51 AM
Unfortunately no update yet, but we are still aware of this problem. Do you have the setting:

IDE tools menu -> Options -> Environment -> General -> Optimize rendering for screens with different pixel densities (requires restart)

turned On? If so, does turning this Off make any difference to what you are seeing?
jeevcat Posted - Jul 19 2019 : 04:09:48 AM
Is there any update to this case? I'm also experiencing this same behavior on a multi-monitor multiple-DPI system.
feline Posted - Mar 11 2019 : 11:26:54 AM
Got the problem now, thank you for the clear steps. For me, I can only reproduce this when working on a two monitor system. When working with a single monitor it never seems to happen, but easy to reproduce with the second monitor.

dgallo Posted - Mar 11 2019 : 03:48:11 AM
Hi feline,

The parameter ""Let WIndows try to fix apps so they're not blurry" is ON on my PC.

To have this screnshot I've :
- started my PC with only one screen with 150% (2560x1440)
- sign in.
- add another screen which is at 100% (1920x1080)
- drag VA to the 100% screen

NOTE : if I restart VS 2019 :
- If VS 2019 starts on the 100% screen everything is fine, but if I drag VS 2019 to the 150% screen, fonts are blurry.
- If VS 2019 starts on the 150% all is ok on the 150%, and when I drag to the 100% screen, the fonts are blurry again.

feline Posted - Mar 09 2019 : 2:45:02 PM
Can you please go into the Windows Display settings, where you are setting the 150% scaling / DPI for your monitors, and then look for and click on the "Advanced scaling settings" link under the pull down list where you are setting the scaling factor.

On this page, if you turn On "Let WIndows try to fix apps so they're not blurry" what happens when you next load VS2019?

For me, testing this here, I can see the difference in the font in the VA tool windows when the IDE setting is turned on and the windows setting is turned Off, but if I turn On the windows setting, then I cannot see any obvious difference with the IDE setting on or off.
dgallo Posted - Mar 08 2019 : 10:07:55 AM
Yes the problem is limited to fonts in toolwindows.
feline Posted - Mar 08 2019 : 10:06:06 AM
What problems are you seeing with the tool windows? I have VA View and VA Outline docked on the right hand side of the editor, in the same block of 4 tabs as Solution Explorer and Team Explorer. Moving between these different tabs, I am not seeing any obvious problems. This is with scaling set to 150%.

The VA fonts don't look as smooth as the IDE fonts, which I am now looking at. But I am not seeing any gaps similar to the ones around the Context and Definition fields.
dgallo Posted - Mar 08 2019 : 09:57:56 AM
ok great !

The problem is also present with all toolwindow provided by Vassist, VAOutline, VAView, etc.
feline Posted - Mar 08 2019 : 09:47:48 AM
Thank you accord, I had not looked there for this setting.

VS2019 said there was another update, which I have installed, so I am now running VS2019 preview 4.1 SVC1 (according to Help about).

And now I can reproduce the problem here:


Interestingly, I can reproduce it here with a single monitor system, now I know where the setting is, and what I am doing.
accord Posted - Mar 07 2019 : 9:23:07 PM
The new option is present even without the new dot net installed, just grayed out. It is called "Optimize rendering for screens with different pixel densities"

However, it is not in
Environment -> Preview Features

as you can read it in the blog post, but in Environment (root)

Mine is grayed out since I didn't want to install a preview .net to my production machine.
dgallo Posted - Mar 06 2019 : 4:13:56 PM
I've followed this blog post : https://devblogs.microsoft.com/visualstudio/a-better-multi-monitor-experience-with-visual-studio-2019/

Ok, check boxes were present in preview 1 and now this is not a preview feature so the check box is not present anymore
I'll try with the new preview of .net 4.8.

The main difference with this new dpi per monitor awareness is that fonts are not blurry when changing screen, this is how I can tell if the option is active or not.
I can clearly seen the difference between VS 2017 and VS 2019 when changing screen with this new dpi per monitor; VS2017 is blurry.

We can also wait final version of VS 2019 and .net 4.8 and check again...

I suppose that .net 4.8 send a new message when dpi is changing, and not previous version.
feline Posted - Mar 06 2019 : 3:08:12 PM
OK, am I missing something really obvious here? I have followed the link for the .NET framework 4.8 preview and installed it. Now VS2019 help about is reporting version 4.8.03745, which is not the version you are using. It is also not giving me this extra check box in the IDE options dialog.

Your link is taking me to the page:


which is talking about build 3694, so version 3745 is actually newer than this page is describing. The page also links to a github page. Going there, the page clearly describes this as being version 3745 as well.

A quick web search is not turning up any mention of a newer preview version. Am I just looking in the wrong places?
dgallo Posted - Mar 06 2019 : 12:22:23 PM
" Interestingly I have an older version of .NET listed in the VS2019 help about dialog than you are listing."

That the point. You need to grab the .net framework 4.8 preview : https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=2032182 to enable the dpi per monitor feature of VS 2019.

It's not a big problem, as VS 2019 is not yet fully compatible with this new feature, some toolwindow are not scaling properly inside VS 2019 (for example Teamexplorer).

I'm using the lastest Visual Assist. Windows 10 1803 is fine for testing this feature.
feline Posted - Mar 06 2019 : 11:59:34 AM
Now I have multiple monitors working with the VS2019 preview, I am testing this here. But so far I cannot reproduce the problem.

I am using VS2019 Preview 4.1, which is how it is described in Help about. Interestingly I have an older version of .NET listed in the VS2019 help about dialog than you are listing.

I am running Windows 10 1803, but windows update is reporting that I am up to date, and is not offering me any further updates.

In the Windows display settings, where you are setting the display scaling, under the display scaling there is the link "Advanced scaling settings". Do you have "let windows try to fix apps so they're not blurry" On or Off?

Which version of VA are you using? I am testing VA 2318.0 here.

I have tried launching VS2019 on both the 100% and 150% DPI screens. To do this I am keeping the first monitor the primary monitor, and changing the two monitors between 100% and 150% DPI, always loading the IDE maximised on the primary monitor.

To move the IDE I am then using Alt-Space, Enter to restore the maximised IDE window to a smaller floating window, which I am then dragging between the two monitors with the mouse, and then maximising again when it reaches the second monitor with the different DPI setting.

Are you doing the same thing? I am wondering if you are using any system utilities or Windows commands to move the window from one monitor to the next. I am looking for any obvious difference, apart from the smallish difference in version numbers of Windows, that might explain this difference.
dgallo Posted - Mar 06 2019 : 10:54:24 AM
I'm running Windows 10 1809 , Visual Studio 2019 RC (or Preview 4).
feline Posted - Mar 06 2019 : 10:46:49 AM
Which OS and version of the preview of VS2019 are you working with? I know there is different handling for monitor specific DPI in Windows 7 and Windows 10. Also the version of the current VS2019 preview is something of a moving target.

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