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 Issues with Open File+CMake and method generation

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
gunstarpl Posted - Aug 15 2018 : 04:18:00 AM
Hi everyone. I have been testing Visual Assist with a trial for past month and I very much like it. However, there are few issues that I have encountered.

Visual Assist version which I am using with C++ project:
VA_X.dll file version 10.9.2270.0 built 2018.04.30
DevEnv.exe version 15.7.27703.2026 Community
msenv.dll version 15.0.27703.2026
Comctl32.dll version 6.10.17134.165
Windows 10 10.0 Build 17134.165
4 processors (x86-64, WOW64)
Language info: 1252, 0x409

1. Open File in Solution dialog does not detect new files after reloading a solution with CMake project. Adding new target files to CMakeLists.txt and then running ZERO_CHECK to trigger solution reload will not result in them appearing in the dialog until Visual Studio is restarted completely. Find Symbol dialog does not seem to have this issue.

2. Create Method Implementations does not seem to respect the order of declared methods. It defines constructors first in the source file, custom methods next, destructors and overloaded operators at the end. This is bit strange as the Create Method Implementations dialog that lets you choose methods has them detected in the right order.

3. Another issue with Create Method Implementations is that created definitions have full namespaces in them, even though I have "using namespace XXX" at the top of a source file to help reduce the pains of deeply nested namespaces and make code more readable. For example, I get "Game::Engine::Initialize()" instead of "Engine::Initialize()" with "using namespace Game".

Loving this piece of productivity boosting software. Keep up the good work!
6   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
ChrisG Posted - Jun 18 2020 : 01:35:07 AM
case=20637 is fixed in build 2380.
feline Posted - Aug 18 2018 : 12:23:41 PM
Always good to know we have helped, and that VA is working so well for you As with any program that has been around for a while, VA does quite a lot of things. This page may be helpful, unless you have already discovered all of these features:

gunstarpl Posted - Aug 17 2018 : 3:06:45 PM
Whoa, I had no idea about the feature that lets you drag and drop implementations. I barely used VA Outline until now. Seems like I only scratched a surface of what Visual Assist can do even after a month of everyday use.

Thanks again for the help! You've got yourself a new customer! :)
feline Posted - Aug 17 2018 : 11:04:59 AM
Point 1, that was an easy fix then We do try to keep up a steady supply of bug fixes and new features, so updating to the latest version is generally a good place to start, if possible.

Point 2, Thank you for the clear example, that is a little unexpected, but I am indeed seeing the same problem here with these two functions. I have put in a bug report for this:


Are you aware that you can use VA Outline to quickly and easily re-order function implementations in the cpp file? You can do this with drag and drop or cut and paste, allowing you to get the functions back into the expected order:


Point 3, we are aware of this, but for now what you are doing is the best I can suggest.
gunstarpl Posted - Aug 15 2018 : 5:20:42 PM
First of all, thanks for the reply!

1. Turned out the outdated version of Visual Assist was the problem here. As you can see in my original post, I had a version from April even though I am still on my trial period. No idea how that happened. Maybe I originally downloaded the plugin from Visual Studio marketplace? Everything is playing nice with CMake after updating to the newest version.

2. I am creating all methods from scratch for a newly declared class.

class Test

  //Test(Test&& other);
  //Test& operator=(Test&& other);

  void Method1();
  void Method2();

Uncommenting both lines with move constructor and move assignment will cause move assignment and destructor to be generated at the end of the source file, after Method1() and Method2(). Just uncommenting one can also cause strange arrangement.

3. I am glad it's a know problem! It is not such a big annoyance, as you can always do a quick replace with "namespace::". :)

Have a nice day!
feline Posted - Aug 15 2018 : 3:22:19 PM
Point 1, assuming I know nothing about CMake, how do I go about getting a simple test case for this?

I don't fancy having to download CMake and figuring it all out from scratch

Point 2, when you see this problem, are there any existing method implementations for the class? Or are you creating all of the methods in one go? In a basic test case I am not seeing the problem here, so I need to get a bit closer to your situation.

Point 3, this is currently a known problem, and we are hoping to have a fix for this sooner rather than later:


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