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T O P I C    R E V I E W
phunkydizco Posted - Jun 18 2012 : 05:48:47 AM
I have an issue with tooltips that freezes the whole IDE for a view seconds. I have opened a C# solution with many projects in VS2005. One of the projects contains some javascipt api files. When I start tipping a variable name sometimes the IDE freezes and shows a tooltip of this js files. With the code in the screenshot I can reproduce this issue every time. What can I do to eliminate the freezes?

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support Posted - Aug 09 2012 : 02:03:28 AM
case=67497 is fixed in build 1912
feline Posted - Jun 26 2012 : 6:09:36 PM
*ah* that was it, now I have added the .js file to one project, and added this project as a dependency to a second project, I can reproduce this pause and giant tooltip in the second project:


Thank you for your patience in helping me reproduce this problem.
phunkydizco Posted - Jun 26 2012 : 04:36:43 AM
The tooltip occurs in another project which references the project with the Javascript file. I only type one letter and wait a moment. I type "i" and the tooltip shows i=0. So it seems to refer to the right item.
feline Posted - Jun 25 2012 : 1:30:44 PM
Thank you for the link, this is a rather long single line of JavaScript.

Do I need to do anything in particular to use this .js file? I have added this .js file to an existing C# project, and then added the function:

void testingJSFileVariables()
    List<string> cF;
    List<string> cE;
    List<string> cD;
    List<string> cq;
    List<string> cp;
    List<string> cb;
    List<string> bH;
    List<string> bG;

to a .cs file in this project. All of the variable names are taken from the VA Outline view of this .js file, so these should be symbol names that are recognised, but I am not seeing any tooltips or slow downs. So I am assuming there is something else I need to do, but I don't know what that something is.

Looking more closely at the screen shot you posted, you have typed "l" but the tooltip seems to be for "o". Do the tooltips often seem to refer to the wrong item?
phunkydizco Posted - Jun 25 2012 : 08:21:43 AM
You can find a similar file here: http://raphaeljs.com/

The file is part of a project and other projects reference it.
feline Posted - Jun 21 2012 : 11:50:34 AM
What can you tell me about this API file, and how your solution is set up, to help me try to set up a test here?

Is the JavaScript API file part of your C# solution?
How large is the JavaScript API file? What is the file size on the hard drive?

Are you able to edit the JavaScript API file, to split the file into multiple lines, to see if this has any effect? I am wondering if this makes opening the file in the IDE any faster, and also if this has any effect on this tooltip problem.
phunkydizco Posted - Jun 20 2012 : 04:05:29 AM
Turning off this option does not make any difference.

Sorry, but it is not possible to send you the file.
feline Posted - Jun 18 2012 : 12:43:14 PM
Does turning off:

VA Options -> Advanced -> Display -> Enable automatic Quick Info ToolTips

make any difference?

Would it be possible to get a copy of this JavaScript API file, for testing purposes? I understand this is often not possible, but it is worth asking on the off chance. If this was possible, please submit the file via the form:


including this thread ID or URL in the description, so we can match it up.
phunkydizco Posted - Jun 18 2012 : 11:09:21 AM
The option 'Display comments from source files when available' was already turned off.

The source of the javascript file is in one single line. Opening that file in VS is also very slow. VA shows most parts of the line as comment (green).
feline Posted - Jun 18 2012 : 10:26:29 AM
Can you try turning off:

VA Options -> Advanced -> Display -> Display comments from source files when available

and see if this has any effect? I am wondering if the size of the comment in the tooltip is related to this problem. Normally VA limits how much text it will show in a tooltip, so I am not sure how you have such a large, and slow tooltip. Is that comment a single very long line? Ir is VA pulling in several lines of text that are not actually part of the comment?

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