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T O P I C    R E V I E W
kimlar Posted - Aug 03 2022 : 1:19:05 PM

I would like to request a feature if it is possible.
What I would like is a feature where the inline hint that show parameter(s) to be above the parameters instead of having it on the left side.

The reason is that I find this feature would make it easier to read the code.

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feline Posted - Aug 08 2022 : 06:43:17 AM
There are already quite a few IDE's out there. VA supports both C# and C++, so trying to create a C++ only IDE, ignoring the very large amount of work this would require, would mean not supporting any of our C# customers. Also MFC is C++, while CLR is managed C++, which while not "pure" C++ does get "close".

People want focussed products, I share this desire, but people also want all the areas they work in supported, which tends to be the opposite of focussed, since different people need different things.

It is an interesting idea that has come up before, but its not something we are considering any time soon.
kimlar Posted - Aug 05 2022 : 3:28:25 PM
Okay here is another idea. Create a new IDE that is more or less the same as Visual Studio but with a stripped down version geared only for C/C++ with VA integrated. I have noticed a long trend with Visual Studio over the years that since Visual C++ 6.0 that all kinds of non-related stuff gets added. For instance just looking at the Project Properties is a hot mess with stuff like .NET, CLR, WinRT, MFC, etc.
And with a streamlined code editor just use the compilers that comes with Visual Studio.

I am not sure what other people think of this idea. Is it worth the effort to make another IDE? I don't know.
feline Posted - Aug 05 2022 : 06:26:18 AM
Please don't apologise, the idea is interesting, I just not sure how to make it work well with code above. Plus some of our best features come from user suggestions, claiming we are going to think of everything is just foolishly arrogant

Under the option:

IDE tools menu -> Options -> Text Editor -> C/C++ -> IntelliSense -> Enable Inline Hints

VS2022 says "Quickly toggle inline hint visibility with Alt-F1 or by pressing Ctrl twice" which may help you, so you can show the hints when you want to, but hide them when they are more distracting and less informative.
kimlar Posted - Aug 04 2022 : 3:18:29 PM
Initially my thought was to pad it vertically with black space, may 0.5 line height and shrink the text a bit more to make it fit.
But after having reflected on this a bit I came to the conclusion this idea of mine maybe wasn't great after all. It probably would end up cluttering the editor. Also STL template code often show up as _Ptr, _Right, _Val etc. so it isn't really helpful either.
Perhaps best to forget this idea.

Sorry for taking up your time.
feline Posted - Aug 04 2022 : 06:01:01 AM
The inline hint is coming from the IDE, not from VA, but we may be able to move it, it will depend on how willing the IDE is to cooperate with that idea. But how do you see this working when you have several lines of code in a row?

Just moving the inline hint up isn't going to work if moving it up requires overwriting your code on the line above.

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