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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Uniwares Posted - Dec 09 2021 : 10:27:29 AM
Right now I am working through a crazy .cs file, part of a (decades old) ASP.NET project, almost 20k lines of code in one file. No need to mention that a few methods here are crazy long.
Now, the drop down lists here are quite crazy too and extend over pretty much everything on screen. And still, methods and parameters are cut off somewhere in the middle without indication.

private static void FillScenario_InterestRatePromo_PaymentPromo(ProductPackageSimulationOverview Sim, LanguageSettings languageSettings, int textMaxLength, bool isActive_PR_2014_01314_3_v1_0_CheckCreditTypeId, HtmlTableRow tr_scen_interestRatePromo, UserControls.FlowItem fiMarginInterestRatePromo, Label lblMarginInterestRatePromo, HtmlTableRow tr_scen_paymentPromo, UserControls.FlowItem fiPaymentPromo, Label lblPaymentPromo) 
{ };

protected ProductPackageSimulationOverviewRequest PrepareAdjustedRequests(ServiceInput serviceInput, ucSimulator.Core.ExternalServices.wsSimulation.Scenario Scn, ProductPackageSimulationOverviewRequest SimReq, ProductPackageSimulationOverviewResponse SimResp, int UpdateModule, bool resetPlans)
{ };

Ok, so where I go with that: would be nice to have some reasonable limit on the extend of the drop down list and the way extra long lines are cut off. Currently long lines are simply truncated, so add a truncation symbol, add ellipsis, replace long var names with abbreviations, whatever, but make it "handy".

Also, the definition bar and its drop down becomes useless, since its also truncating.

5   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
feline Posted - Dec 23 2021 : 05:41:38 AM
I am tempted to ask why, but I doubt I would get anything approaching a sensible answer *tired sigh*
Uniwares Posted - Dec 22 2021 : 11:21:12 AM
    + String.Format("__it_upDiscountOffers('{0}','{1}','{2}','{3}','{4}','{5}','{6}','{7}','{8}','{9}','{10}','{11}','{12}','{13}','{14}','{15}','{16}','{17}','{18}','{19}','{20}','{21}','{22}','{23}','{24}','{25}','{26}','{27}','{28}','{29}','{30}','{31}','{32}','{33}','{34}','{35}','{36}','{37}','{38}','{39}','{40}','{41}','{42}','{43}','{44}','{45}','{46}','{47}','{48}','{49}','{50}','{51}','{52}','{53}','{54}','{55}','{56}', '{57}', '{58}')", // remainder omitted for "brevity" 

One can not make this up.
feline Posted - Dec 14 2021 : 1:31:28 PM
Please tell me I didn't just read 58 parameters... my head now hurts!
Uniwares Posted - Dec 14 2021 : 10:16:36 AM
One should never run into such thing. But there is worse lurking in such code... like String.Format() with 58 parameters. Yikes. Can we have a insta-kill feature for when someone writes code like this it will crash VS forever? Please?
feline Posted - Dec 14 2021 : 10:05:43 AM
It turns out this is a known limitation, just not one that people often run into:


I have added your request to be able to set a larger limit.

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