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T O P I C    R E V I E W
tjcbs Posted - Jul 24 2014 : 10:50:39 PM
This feature should also work for classes. When a class is selected, an implementation should be created for all the member functions. Even better if implementations which already exist are skipped.
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feline Posted - Oct 15 2014 : 12:34:58 AM
Any relationship to the "pLink" in the code sample in your other thread:


where I cannot reproduce the second bug report? It might make sense to continue this discussion over in that thread, since if this is the same pLink, it is interesting that you have odd underlining, and an odd tooltip that so far I cannot reproduce.
tjcbs Posted - Oct 14 2014 : 11:35:20 PM
Yup, it is coming from VA. Honest, Blue Collar code, not complex templates. mLinks *is* a (simple, 1 parameter) template, if that should matter.

Clicking on "pLink" made the underlines go away.
feline Posted - Oct 13 2014 : 2:28:01 PM
jwiede, this is a totally separate issue, but this tends to happen to threads. I try to keep things mostly under control, but while a thread is only dealing with one issue at a time its not always making a fuss about.
feline Posted - Oct 13 2014 : 2:26:27 PM
First, can you go into VA options, and make sure you have different, and distinct colours for:

VA Options -> Underlines -> Underline spelling errors in comments and strings using
VA Options -> Underlines -> Underline mistyped symbols using

preferably not Red. This is just to double check that the underlining is coming from VA, and that we know what type of error VA thinks it is underlining.

Given your other recent thread:


I am wondering if complex template code is a factor here. Does this seem like it might be a factor? Or are you seeing this problem with all code?
jwiede Posted - Oct 13 2014 : 1:50:59 PM
With all due respect, this sounds like a completely different issue from the one the original thread was about. Perhaps best to move to a new thread, instead of just hijacking this one?
tjcbs Posted - Oct 12 2014 : 10:00:16 PM
I only have 221 files. However, I was wrong, it's not really a delay. What happens is, I will type something, and when I hit ';' VA will quickly parse it and remove any underlines. Then, a second or so later, the underlines will reappear, and will remain indefinitely, no matter how long I wait. But, if I click on one of the underlined terms, so that it is highlighted, VA will instantly remove the underlines, and they won't come back.
feline Posted - Oct 09 2014 : 2:55:25 PM
VS2008 is still comes up fairly often in support enquires. The underlining is coming from VA, so we can look at it. The first thing is that VA does not start underlining in a file until you start editing the file. This is an optimisation to speed up simply browsing through and reading code you are not actually editing, which is why you only see underlining some of the time.

The delay in VA catching up, how many files do you have in your solution?

If you open VA's Open File in Solution dialog (Alt-Shift-O) the title bar contains two numbers. The first number is the number of files currently listed, which changes as you filter the list. The second number is the total number of files in the list, which is normally the number of files in your solution. What is this second number?

When you are working in a cpp file, do the updates seem as slow? The underlining should normally update more quickly than this, and it should be reliable.
tjcbs Posted - Oct 08 2014 : 10:55:18 PM
I am still using VS2008. Maybe most others have moved on by now? But also, it is an elusive problem for me, and so I don't report it because I don't know how to reproduce it. I've tried and failed to create test cases.

Underlining seems to behave well on files I'm not working on. But of course the whole point is for it to operate on files that I *am* working on.

There seems to, sometimes, be very excessive lag (as in minutes) between me making corrections and the underlining catching up to those corrections. It is common enough that I have been trained to pretty much ignore the underlines. I will pay more attention when it happens in the future, and submit a support query when I have something more definite.
feline Posted - Oct 08 2014 : 7:13:11 PM
Firstly, which IDE are you using? VA does not underline code in VS2010 and above, since the IDE is doing this underlining.

Based on support enquiries, this is not common, in fact it is very rare. Are you seeing this a lot? Is this most files? Most days? Is there any pattern to this?
tjcbs Posted - Oct 08 2014 : 6:33:52 PM
Is it just me, or is it still very common for code to be underlined which compiles fine? Shouldn't that be fixed first? Or is this something that is only happening to me?
feline Posted - Oct 04 2014 : 7:49:10 PM
We are considering allowing you to trigger refactoring commands via VA Outline, on several selected items at once. This would help here, if and when this is done. It also bypasses any edge cases to do with partly selecting a function:

tjcbs Posted - Oct 03 2014 : 6:45:06 PM
Another nice improvement would be to add similar functionality to implement all c-style functions in a header. Or, to implement all the functions which are currently selected in a selection block.
feline Posted - Aug 22 2014 : 10:55:49 PM
This page gives an overview of the changes in recent builds, and information on new features that we have added:


while this page goes into more detail about each previous release, and lets you download an older version if you need to:

jwiede Posted - Aug 22 2014 : 9:52:23 PM
Originally posted by feline

I am glad this is now working for you. For using an older version, the two options:

VA Options -> Startup -> Automatically check for new version
VA Options -> Startup -> Also check for new beta version

are designed to help here, so you can find out when a new version is made available.

It would also be useful for customers if there was a label on added features of the version/revision when they were added (no point in going too retroactive, though). For folks whose support expired, that would allow them to determine whether they need to upgrade to obtain the feature, or if it is still within the set of versions/revisions they already can access.
feline Posted - Jul 26 2014 : 11:17:54 PM
I am glad this is now working for you. For using an older version, the two options:

VA Options -> Startup -> Automatically check for new version
VA Options -> Startup -> Also check for new beta version

are designed to help here, so you can find out when a new version is made available.
tjcbs Posted - Jul 26 2014 : 12:40:49 PM
Originally posted by feline

You can already do this:


Great! I was using an older version without realizing it, thanks.
feline Posted - Jul 25 2014 : 10:53:54 AM
You can already do this:


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