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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Predelnik Posted - Apr 16 2014 : 05:12:02 AM
While "Implement Virtual Methods" is very valuable refactoring functionality because repeating the signatures of inherited methods you want to override could be a serious bother.

But sometimes even knowing the name of the method you want to override, it isn't easy to find this method in the list of propositions quickly because they're placed in order they placed in initial file and doesn't have any kind of search.
Example of the very big list:

It would be nice if some search/sorting would be implemented.
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sean Posted - Sep 19 2014 : 12:32:22 AM
case=55667 is implemented in build 2047
feline Posted - Jul 21 2014 : 6:03:28 PM
Are you aware of the Hovering Class Browser? This is designed to help you achieve the sort of overview you are looking for:


but when you have classes with this many members, any sort of over view is going to have a lot of symbols in it. Another thought is filtering the Find Symbol dialog on the class name, and then adding a space and using extra filters to help narrow down the members you might be interested in:

AlanEdwardes Posted - Jul 21 2014 : 06:54:07 AM
I was looking for one function, however also wanted a general overview of all available functions to override in the hierarchy to see what was available. Will do as suggested in the future, cheers.
feline Posted - Jul 18 2014 : 6:08:08 PM
We are hoping to add something like this fairly soon, but unfortunately I don't currently have any estimate for when this will be done.

For now, are you looking to implement several of these functions, or just a few of them? In the screen shot you have only ticked one function. As a temporary work around, if you are only looking for a few functions, I was thinking it might be easier to jump to the header file, perhaps Alt-g on the base class name, then use and filter the Alt-m list to locate the function you want to implement, and then copy its declaration.

You could copy several functions, one at a time, and then use the VA paste menu, Alt-Shift-V, to paste in the declaration you want.

Really not the same, but perhaps worth considering sometimes.
AlanEdwardes Posted - Jul 17 2014 : 5:18:29 PM
Yes, it is! Still, without Visual Assist's overview, I'd have to either coerce IntelliSense into showing me methods, or dig through the hierarchy. It's already useful, with sorting/filtering this tool would be an absolute godsend.

Cheers, that enabled the syntax highlighting. I updated my original post so the scary list is more colourful (which does help readability a little) :)
feline Posted - Jul 17 2014 : 3:57:04 PM
That wins the scary picture award, that is a LOT of methods to hunt through.

For the syntax highlighting, which version of VA are you using? This is working for me, with VS2013 and VA 2043, you do need to turn on:

VA Options -> Fonts and Colors -> Apply Colouring to -> Views

though before colouring will be applied.
AlanEdwardes Posted - Jul 17 2014 : 2:34:20 PM
Would like to see this too, currently it's a bit crazy to implement virtual methods deep down inside a large class hierarchy. Here's an Actor-derrived class in Unreal Engine 4's code:

It's very difficult to pick out methods - additionally the black theme seems to disable syntax highlighting on Visual Studio 2013.

feline Posted - Jul 16 2014 : 1:11:16 PM
Thank you, it is good to know what people are looking to use, and what is important to them. We are still considering this, but it is clearly going to be very useful in some situations.
xMRi Posted - Jul 16 2014 : 03:25:46 AM
I support this request. I have similar complex classes.
feline Posted - Apr 16 2014 : 7:08:45 PM
The picture says it all, thank you for such a clear example This is something we are considering doing:


For now, if you know which class you want to consider, if you place keyboard focus into the list, you can use Left and Right arrow keys to collapse and expand the parent nodes, so you can just focus on the class or classes that you want. Perhaps this will help a little bit.

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