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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Kaylx Posted - Apr 02 2012 : 03:38:27 AM
Hey peeps,

Sorry if this has already been suggested before but adding wildcard support to the VA View - Symbols in Solution search box would be very handy. I find my self knowing partially what i'm looking for in classes for example but don't know the exact name, so adding wildcard support would allow me to 'guess'. I know i could just open the header file and search for all references of a string using the usual find dialog but it's not the same.

On a second note. We have 'Find References' and 'Find References in File'. It would be good to have 'Find References in Project' too.

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sean Posted - Nov 07 2014 : 10:05:09 AM
case=5977 is implemented in build 2052

This change allows you to search for words that either begin with or end with a search term:
.foo // symbols that begin with foo
foo. // symbols that end with foo

Kaylx Posted - Mar 13 2013 : 03:23:26 AM
Thanks very much. Hope to see it soon. :)
feline Posted - Mar 07 2013 : 8:03:40 PM
That makes sense, I have put in a feature request for this:

Kaylx Posted - Mar 07 2013 : 02:25:11 AM
I find myself wanting to toggle between the different options alot. That's why if i could assign a shortcut to Find References in Project just like i can with Find References in File and the normal Find References it would really help me. I pretty much use everything using shortcuts.
feline Posted - Feb 27 2013 : 2:14:29 PM
We are still considering giving you more control when searching and filtering the symbol list:


For Find References, do you need to toggle between Find References and Find References in Project? The project filter setting is remember for me, so if I turn this on, to only search in the current project, the next Find References respects this setting.
Kaylx Posted - Feb 26 2013 : 02:51:41 AM
Ok. First of all, i'd still like to see the option of wild-card support in 'VA View - Symbols in Solution', for many reasons, including AjayV's.
Plus the more i can move away from the VS2010 'intelligent' features the better. I won't go into the countless problems VS2010 throws in my face.
As you can guess though VS is really getting on my nerves. VA all the way!

Anyway, onto my next comment. It's nice to see case=32262 has been added, but it wasn't quite what I personally was hoping for. I can see why you've added it the way you have, but i was expecting it to be more distinct, like how 'Find References' and 'Fine References in File' are separate. Now if it could assign 'Find Reference in Project' to a shortcut like i can with the other two, i'd use it every day and be the happiest man alive. Until then i'd doubt i'll use it much, sorry.
support Posted - Feb 25 2013 : 11:33:46 AM
case=32262 is implemented in build 1929
AjayV Posted - Sep 08 2012 : 03:00:44 AM
No. Visual Studio's Find-in-Files is not good at all for this purpose. A wild-card or regular expression search will search for everything (including comments), while actually the developer might only be looking for symbol (or particular kind of symbol*).

Frankly, not very often, but I recently needed such thing should have been there. There are couple of features, which aren't used by many developers, so you shouldn't count on frequency of some feature! :-) (IMO).

IMHO, FindSymbol, FindReferences, GotoImplementation are features that are bread-and-butter of a serious developer, and they should have more and more capabilities!

*I suggested: href=http://forums.wholetomato.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=10911
accord Posted - Sep 06 2012 : 2:06:50 PM
Do you feel that the ability of find in find references's tree and regular expression support in Visual Studios's find in files feature isn't enough? I mean, do you run into situations when you would need this, often?

Regarding Find Symbol: we are considering something like this at some point:


I have added your "rationale" (why you need this) to the case, as a comment.
AjayV Posted - Sep 05 2012 : 10:00:43 AM
Even I found the need of wild-card support in Find References Dialog box.

There are hundreds of symbols in solutions, and I would just be looking that looks like tag*Reflect, which would match tagMessageDownloadReflect. The currently supported searching is good, but a phrase tag Reflect would display all symbols having tag and (yes I know AND) Reflect. But I am particularly looking that starts with tag and ends with Reflect.

If implemented, it would help developers to find symbols that are starting/ending with (and not just containing) particular text. *Response, and File* are good candidates.

The reason is simple: Manually finding specific symbol is a pain, when VA gives 245 odd results, where only a couple or more should appear!
Kaylx Posted - Apr 04 2012 : 09:18:29 AM
Originally posted by accord

You can use spaces to find two sub strings, e.g. "long cl" will find cLongNamedClass. You can filter out part by the minus sign, e.g. "class -second" will list cYourFirstClass and cYourThirdClass but not cYourSecond class.
I didn't realise you could do that. That'll do nicely. :)
Originally posted by accord

We are considering to allow limiting find references to the current project:

I'll keep an eye out for that.

Thanks for replying so quickly.

accord Posted - Apr 02 2012 : 11:25:17 AM
You can use spaces to find two sub strings, e.g. "long cl" will find cLongNamedClass. You can filter out part by the minus sign, e.g. "class -second" will list cYourFirstClass and cYourThirdClass but not cYourSecond class.

We are considering to allow limiting find references to the current project:


Currently, you get the results grouped by projects which should help a little bit.

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