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 Regexp in "open file in solution"

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
gamifiq Posted - May 23 2011 : 04:53:18 AM
What I suggest is as simple as that :
having regexp enabled in "open file in solution" search field.

It would really be helpfull in my case.
To Keep It Simple Stupid, let's say my VS C++ project is a ASPXCompiler.
Several project files containes "aspx", like
- EditorAspx.cpp
- LexerAspx.cpp
and even Aspx.cpp

So, when I want to open "Aspx.cpp" I just type "aspx" and then I'm struggling to find the correct file in the middle of an hazardously ordered list... because too many fils contains aspx in their name.

I wish I could type "^Aspx" to get my only file starting with aspx.
Thank you.
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sean Posted - Nov 07 2014 : 10:03:27 AM
case=5977 is implemented in build 2052

Use period/dot to delimit start and end of words:
will match words that start with n
feline Posted - May 30 2011 : 1:08:10 PM
We are looking to add markers to indicate the start or the end of a symbol. What I am wondering is if regular expression searching offers enough advantages to out way the complexity.

For wildcards, is the ability to use two or more separate search strings not enough?
gamifiq Posted - May 30 2011 : 09:40:17 AM
Nice trick ( ::n i mean )

Even if, in reality, my functions may start with "_" when private or protected :
- nGetX()
- __nGetX()
which I would solve using "::[_]*n" pattern.
daniel-kun Posted - May 30 2011 : 06:23:46 AM
You can use ::n, because every method starts with ClassName::. But then you can not filter "Any method of any class returning int, starting with n". But usually a file should only include one class' method implementation, which means this should be a non-problem.
I think regexex may indeed be rarely required, but wildcards (*) and start- and end-markers would be very handy.
gamifiq Posted - May 30 2011 : 06:09:29 AM
My case : any function returning an Integer starts with n.

- nGetXXXX()
- nCountOf()

If I juste type "n" I would have too many results, because names containing "n" would be listed.

(For file names, you can use "\\" to do the trick. But for method names, you're stuck.)
feline Posted - May 27 2011 : 1:10:39 PM
Here you can simply use the filter string "get info", which will list both "GetRecordInfo()" and "GetRowInfo()". You can combine several different search strings, separated by spaces, to get the desired result.
daniel-kun Posted - May 27 2011 : 01:06:28 AM
Well at least a * placeholder would be useful for listing all functions like ::Get*Info(), when you have e.g. GetRecordInfo(), GetRowInfo(), etc. in one class.
feline Posted - May 26 2011 : 1:34:23 PM
We are looking to add "markers" to specify the start and the end of a word to the Find Symbol dialog:


Does anyone have a good case for more complex regular expression searching in these dialogs or the Alt-M list?
daniel-kun Posted - May 26 2011 : 07:54:08 AM
Yes, this would be the main usage scenario for me, too.
AdrianS Posted - May 26 2011 : 07:51:47 AM
As a first step, I would find anchors (^, $) tremendously useful in "Find Symbols". I often know what characters the symbol starts with, so a "start of line" anchor would be very helpful in filtering the symbol list.

In particular, we have over 1000 exported API calls in our code that all start with a two letter prefix. A start-of-line anchor would allow me to target only the API symbols when searching. As it is now, all occurences of the prefix characters get included in the symbol list, no matter where they occur in the symbolvc
daniel-kun Posted - May 26 2011 : 06:07:54 AM
I totally vote this up!
I'd really really like regexp searches in Alt+Shift+O, and Alt+M.
feline Posted - May 23 2011 : 12:02:10 PM
You can do some fairly complex searches with a bit of care, by combining normal "positive" search terms with "negative" terms. Put a - before any term, to exclude all items that match this term.

So in this case "-\\aspx" should do what you want.

Personally I have a love / hate relationship with regular expressions. I love their power, flexibility, and how useful they are, but I hate that fact that every tool I use that supports them seems to do so differently. Just try using regular expressions in the IDE find dialog *sigh*
gamifiq Posted - May 23 2011 : 11:43:09 AM
=> Actually, it only works with "\\aspx" (and not /).

In my case, using "\\" is efficient enough, but i wouldn't be surprised to see this suggestion coming back for a more complex search string.
like : "What is you need to see File*_Asp.cpp but not File*_Aspx ?"
=> asp[^x]

feline Posted - May 23 2011 : 10:18:43 AM
You can do this currently, simply use the filter string "/aspx". The Open File dialog allows you to search based on the file path, as well as the file name, so this will pick out all items where the file or directory name start with "aspx".

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