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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Klumhru Posted - Apr 15 2010 : 5:42:48 PM

I've been using a similar tool for C# for 5-6 years and there is one feature that I'm missing more than others. This involves moving between errors in a file. By errors I mean the underscored symbols in the file. Something like Alt-PgDn/Alt-PgUp.

If there is already such a feature I'm unable to discover it :)

There an identical suggestion from 2007 (http://forum.wholetomato.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=6437&SearchTerms=goto,next,error) that I found when searching the forum, but the feature request listed does not seem to have materialized.
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support Posted - Aug 09 2012 : 02:05:28 AM
case=42525 is implemented in build 1912 for VS2010+
accord Posted - Apr 16 2010 : 5:06:08 PM
I have put in a feature request to show VA's underlines when VS2010's intellisense is disabled to see what the developers make of it:

Klumhru Posted - Apr 16 2010 : 3:34:02 PM
Ah, yes, I'm sorry if that was unclear. I meant 2010's underlining versus VAX in 2008. I have only tested the trial version of VS2010 so far but from what I have seen it uses capricious amounts of resources for not many gains. Hardly any that I can see for C++ development.

The C# features are those I would use it for if anything...
accord Posted - Apr 16 2010 : 2:59:04 PM
>Regarding 2010 support, the live error sensing is massively broken as of release.

Do you mean VS2010's own underline or VA's underline?
VA's underline is disabled in VS2010, since this feature was introduced in this version of Visual Studio.
Klumhru Posted - Apr 16 2010 : 09:19:13 AM

There is a function under view (gotonexterror or the like) that functions in this way, and the short-cut is shift-f12 if I remember correctly. Near my first action when starting out in C++ was rebinding it to my familiar alt-pgdn.

Regarding 2010 support, the live error sensing is massively broken as of release. Also, migrating to 2010, when using a number of 3rd party libraries is a bit more than just saying it ;)

I only mentioned this as VAX's sensing is pretty intelligent (way more so than 2010's native one) and getting the errors in 2008 requires an initial compile (cpp file or project), which can produce a bunch of related errors which it takes quite a long time to get through, especially if the error is in a commonly used header. Being able to navigate within the same file's VAX reported errors would be preferable :)

I had this problem yesterday during a major refactoring (refactoring to different smart pointer template) and on a compile the errors stopped at the arbitrary limit (100) as I was working in headers that were in use all over.

accord Posted - Apr 16 2010 : 03:58:43 AM
Yes, we already have a feature request for this in


like you had mentioned. VS2010 intellisense lists its errors in the error window. I have added a comment about this. I think this would be a good solution and also, you could use F8 and shift+F8 or any other assigned key to go through the list.

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